Can 1000 MPH Fidget Spinner Shatter Galaxy S8 Infinity Display?

Can 1000 MPH Fidget Spinner Shatter Galaxy S8 Infinity Display?

Fidget spinners are a huge deal! But is it possible for one to shatter a Galaxy S8 display? We hyper spun a fidget spinner to see if it could shatter a Galaxy S8 screen. The chances of a fidget spinner falling on your cell phone screen at some point seems pretty high. Can the brand new Galaxy S8 Infinity Display (screen) handle the impact? Lets find out!

What Does it Take to Protect iPhone 7 from SEE FOUR?:

Darren’s Channel (BeyondSlowMotion):
GiacoWhatever Fidget Spinner video:

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20 Responses

  1. Steve John says:


  2. Sarah G says:

    Grapes can be used as a touch pen for your phone


    1like = 1 fidget spinner

  4. Charlotte Flair says:

    One day even Gizmo Slip will jump off of a 100ft building saying “I wanted to see what parts of me would still work”.

  5. Kayla LoRusso says:

    Hi everyone in the comments scrolling down I hope you have a great day today!

  6. Alexandru Turcoman says:

    I would have written RPM instead of MPH

  7. GizmoSlip says:

    Haha, thanks for watching everyone! That was a fun video to make! All of you really do mean a lot to me. It’s overwelming knowing so many of you watch my videos. I make lots of videos so subscribe if you want more fun videos! Also giving away Galaxy S8+ and gaming/video editing desktop. For more info, go here: P.S. New vlog from yesterday here:

    P.S. Some of you are saying that I slammed it down. Here are my thoughts. I don’t think I slammed it down (but to each his own), though I did press it down firmly (you can tell I didn’t slam it because the plastic tongs don’t even carry much momentum towards the screen after the Fidget Spinner flies away). But even so, if you keep watching I dropped a plastic one from 4 FT and it still cracked the screen, so it would have cracked the screen whether or not I dropped it or no. Cheers and thanks for watching!

  8. Brandon 21 says:


  9. Samannay Bose says:

    The S8 doesn’t use an LCD

  10. Supremley says:

    Trying to get the extra views by including an autistic and ADHD child’s toy (that’s who it was actually intended for) and drawing in the 13 year olds that actually play with it.. pretty dumb in my opinion.

  11. Convoy 99 says:

    You hit a piece of metal spinning really fast against a glass phone screen what were you expecting

  12. TYH TheExplosion says:

    Does anyone miss iPhone ones? I don’t really like Samsung! No offence guys, sorry…

  13. drakeanton2000 says:

    “I’m not gonna slam it” freaking acts like it’s a damn hammer and destroys the thing.

  14. Lisa Josefin says:

    Sub = Become A Billionaire??
    Like = Find 600 Dollars??
    Reply = Have Good Luck For The Next 10 Years

  15. Olivia T. Hayes says:

    May be the phone is not real.Its a copy of S8….

  16. Gabriel Lebron says:

    The only impressive thing about this video was the camera

  17. Mo Mo Mo Ur Boat says:

    Don’t really have to watch for an answer. But I will watch for destruction porn

  18. FailsWithFanuel says:

    Sonic: You’re too slow! I can do faster.

  19. renge99O9 says:

    You know how people watch monkeys at the zoo…. Yeah.

  20. AnToNcHaMp96 says:

    You slammed it against it you fuckin dipshit!

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