Can $30,000 Worth of iPhones Protect an iPhone 6s from Explosive Laser-Cutting Tape?

Can $30,000 Worth of iPhones Protect an iPhone 6s from Explosive Laser-Cutting Tape?

Can 50 iPhones protect an iPhone 6s from explosive laser cutting tape specifically designed to cut steel? We took a trip out to visit our good friend Matt Barnett from Bonetti Explosives to find out! We’ve been filming with Matt for several years now, but we haven’t been out to visit him in too long! Be sure to go check out his website!
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Can a Water Filled Condom Protect iPhone 6s? –

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20 Responses

  1. Damian Fonseca says:

    he should put an iPhone in a pancake and drop it from 100 feet so when it
    lands it will expand more then what it is

  2. Mary Trang Phan says:


  3. James Martin Balberan says:

    I would like to see africans react to this video
    . those hungry and poor ones :'(

  4. zane pickens says:

    Can a pvc tune protect an iPhone

  5. Lexi M says:

    You should do a 360 degree video

  6. Chris Likes Gaming says:

    Can a jar of peanut butter save an iPhone from 100ft drop? (You might have
    already made this idk)

  7. Tob gems says:

    حرام عليك عطني واحد

  8. LittleUrbanGirl says:

    yr insane! DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU CAN BUY WITH $30,000? good vids tho

  9. Trisha B says:

    That guy looked like he was second guessing putting explosive tape on the
    phones after learning how much they were worth. $30k!!

  10. Muhd Haziq says:

    idiot men

  11. ELITE TechCheck says:

    +GizmoSlip I see you sometimes upload in 4K. I have been wondering what
    edition you use to edit and upload in that resolution. Please answer back!
    Btw great video! Thx

  12. Aubri says:

    Hey gizmoslip you should see with Legos if iPhones will survive

  13. pilotgj 627 says:

    Waste so disrespectful

  14. Lawrence K says:

    That’s not even 30000$ worth

  15. Ellder Sage says:

    I have a better question..Why the FUCK would anyone care? How is this not a
    complete waste of time and money? can’t you do something better with both?

  16. TheFurryPugcart says:

    Oh no I saw my phone in their

  17. Floris Kolder says:

    the guy with the tape looks like JHON CENA

  18. tippytappy pancake bro says:


  19. Junior 420 says:

    WHAT THERE ALL CRACKED Not surprising

  20. Percy Harrsion says:

    Next challenge

    Give iPhones to people who need them or
    Donate money to charities that feed hungry children
    Or stop wasting your money on stupid shit and buy some hookers