Can a Lightning Burn You Alive?

Can a Lightning Burn You Alive?

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20 Responses

  1. HOWYOUBEEN says:

    I feel bad for Arnold

  2. Scrambled Eggs says:

    Who doesn’t like Arnold

  3. MASON SANDERS says:

    Put arnAld in A Black Hole

  4. Pizza Man says:

    14 trend not to bad man

  5. Kayo VA says:

    I want to hug Arnold!

  6. XXX TENTACLES says:

    I love these types of vids

  7. Element says:

    You could be paralyzed for life, but it ends over time. Wut?

  8. Victor Petru Ghindea says:

    A video when Arnold live with sharks!!

  9. Am Horse says:

    What Arnold ever do to you?!

  10. Theophilus Taiwo Martins says:

    The title is giving me mental anxiety

  11. Andrew Di says:

    So, not trying to advertise or anything, but there is a really good book called “faceless” which is a really great book by on this subject. Pretty interesting, in case you want to read it.

  12. Trick shot Central 09 says:

    An hour under water

  13. Andrew Cornell says:

    Good grammar on the title there

  14. SickHumorYT says:

    ☝️ I like it! I stuck my finger up!!

  15. notpyrocynical says:

    why does it say put your finger up if you liked this video

  16. PastDue says:

    What would happen if you were on saturn for 10 seconds

  17. MemesAwaken says:

    This guy has a werid ass fedish with Arnold’s finger coming off I’M UNSUBBING YOU SICKO!!!

  18. TheGame theorists says:

    Congratulations on the 14th on trending this may change in the future

  19. a random kid who likes pineapples says:

    Did i just get a commercial of youtube on YouTube?

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