Can A Normal Guy Join The 1%? (with Barry Rothbart)

Can A Normal Guy Join The 1%? (with Barry Rothbart)

“Depends who you ask.”

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Barry Rothbart,

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20 Responses

  1. GreyPlays says:

    That guy is funny. He should do more vids.

  2. jukechuu says:

    but to be in the 1% worldwide he must do $1000 a week, in week he sold one
    pair of sun glasses for 10 bucks

  3. muffinchops 13 says:

    Well that was shit 

  4. Becky Tobias says:

    This feels like a charity video that forgot to include the charity of

  5. Rudy Treadwell says:

    I guess I’m in the 1% club. Thanks Buzzfeed. I had no idea and still don’t

  6. SUP3RB says:

    9 thousand a week to be in the 1 percent
    What the fuck.

  7. SUP3RB says:

    Throwing shade
    LOL that’s perfect xD

  8. UrbanSyed2904 says:

    How to join the 1% Club is by first, joining the 20%. How to do that you
    asked? Get a Sales job based solely on commission and buy several of Brian
    Tracy’s Book in the art of selling. Joining the 1% or even the 20% club
    can’t be done overnight. But believe me, try and read Brian Tracy’s The art
    of selling : Increasing your sales faster and faster. Yeah the job is not
    stable but with proper knowledge it will be stable. Because the stability
    factor is truly up to you. Before commenting negatively, buy the book and
    read it first.

  9. Justin Teo says:

    I don’t understand why is the back there a buzzfeed people told him some
    words then he did it,sorry,my english not very well,please explain to

  10. BigTimeBecca says:

    This is fantastic. I love it so much. Literally laughing out throughout the
    entire video. (:

  11. jimpikles says:

    The fact that earning above $35k puts you in the 1% doesn’t tell you
    anything about how “poor the world is”. The average income could be $32k
    and that would still be true as long as the standard deviation was round

  12. shamshe says:

    Guys… we don’t live in the world, we live in ‘MURICA!

  13. J05H-8 says:

    Why didn’t he just sell meth and herion for a week?
    He could’ve gotten more than he wanted.

  14. Lindsay Santana says:

    whats 1% having a lot of money..?

  15. Cons/Connor says:

    Making fun of the rich what a surprise. Its also funny that 78 % of the
    high income household earners are married… hmmm and only 17 % of the
    lower income families are married. 

  16. Lucas Sama says:

    Omg I wish I could make 48,000 a year.
    That is like an unreachable dream
    *makes around 13,000 XD

  17. Denniz Killz says:

    This is how business works, you try a bunch of different stuff until
    something works. You don’t fail until you give up..

  18. Yanano Bere says:

    Not adjusting the figures to factor in the cost of living in comparison to
    what people earn is terribly misguided. Americans might make a lot more
    than the rest of the “poor” world but your food, rent, taxes and public
    transport are also exorbitant by comparison. If I was making $35 000 a year
    I’d be able to afford a 4 bedroom house in a nice suburb & drive a Mercedes
    or two here in South Africa. 

  19. James Sicignano says:

    Thanks Obama.

  20. Juan Gonzalez says:

    Only way you can become the top one percent is if you join the Bilderberg