Can a Raindrop Cake Protect Galaxy S8 From 100 FT Drop Test?

Can a Raindrop Cake Protect Galaxy S8 From 100 FT Drop Test?

Raindrop cake is tasteless, melts instantly in your mouth, and has almost no calories. But can it protect a Galaxy S8 from a 100 FT drop test? Let’s find out!

Thanks so much for watching you guys are awesome!

Agar powder for creating raindrop cake! –


Yes, I’m giving away the Galaxy S8 that survived the drop test! Post a comment on this video to enter. The giveaway ends July 4th. Winner will be selected July 5th. I will announce the winner when they respond. Good luck to everyone that enters!

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20 Responses

  1. Jonah Tenenbaum says:

    Raindrop cake op. needs nerf.

  2. Gopal Kedia says:

    I thought it will not survive, but it did…

  3. Michael 10/8/74 Scofield says:

    Was the second drop test at Cook Park in Tigard OR???

  4. Clash Sentral says:

    I love you channel hope I win

  5. John Golub says:

    Love vids long subscriber hope I can get the phone

  6. 0utlier says:

    How does this twat have nearly 3 million subs?…

  7. Kevin Schwetz says:

    I want to win the s8

  8. Chim Chim Princess says:

    cam you help a homie out I need a phone lmao okay I probably not gonna get it but y not

  9. Hussain Alsanona says:

    I was shocked that it survived. I wish I could win this beautiful flagship.

  10. Bloomsdeath says:

    rockstar, entering my comment

  11. Arnulfo Garza Reyes says:

    That phone got covfefe’d

  12. Crottos says:

    I knew it would survive, nice video

  13. austin mcleer says:

    Love the vid, whoever gets that phone has to be really careful probably going to just shatter into pieces if you drop it

  14. Joaco Austin says:

    The impact was amazing!!!

  15. Ethan Hardin says:


  16. Michael Mezzetta says:

    that’s certainly a thing I just watched

  17. James Howlett says:

    Crazy…… Well I’m still rocking a S6 so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised Galaxy’s are pretty awesome.

  18. Kathy Canero says:

    how does that even happen whatttt

  19. Burn2Cinders says:

    Carla is a pretty good looking woman!

  20. MaddenPenguin says:

    Nice vids gizmoslip. Keep up the great work.

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