Can an iPhone 6S Survive Inside a Paint Shaker?

Can an iPhone 6S Survive Inside a Paint Shaker?

Having no idea what would happen if something other then paint is put inside a paint shaker, I decided why not throw in an iPhone 6S? The results definitely surprised me.

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20 Responses

  1. lennert dirkx says:

    i want dat phone pleas.

  2. Jessica King says:

    Can I ask u a question. How do u get enough money to buy all the iPhones
    and Samsung and I’ve even seen u do a apple watch

  3. BOMBOY123 gaimz says:

    4 x faster looks cool

  4. Janiya Watkins says:

    Am I the only one who was about to cry when the thing started shaking

  5. InfiniteGadget 98m says:

    enough making visa focused just on an iphone?

  6. ~Dogeslayer1903~ says:

    Techrax should do a video of killing himself.

  7. Joaquin Montiel Gomez says:


  8. Rodrigo Pizarro says:

    Otha’s paint shaker made me feel as if I was high

  9. WrongxMess msp says:

    Who else knew the phone was going to survive anyway???

  10. Steven Nguyen says:

    Please reply TechRax !! :))))

  11. maria hernandez says:

    Can you do a give away

  12. SchoolboyRichie says:

    You think of weirder and weirder things to do but yet it is all possible

  13. Cian Mattern says:

    iPhone 6sc

  14. HA Gamer says:


  15. Nathsem says:

    omg, speed on 2…

  16. Tech storm 03 says:

    this phone is from the Ferrari video

  17. Tautvydas Nesakysiu says:

    2:24 look mom, 3 hands! ‘crash hardly-rekt by a trash can’ ouch

  18. declan bently says:

    Wtf 3 hands

  19. Blade Edge says:

    wow watching this while high wasnt a good choice hahaha nigga my eyes are
    all fucked up x.x

  20. John Wick says:

    Children in Africa could have eaten this iPhone 6S :o