Can ANYBODY Stop YPK Raye and Jenna Bandy?

Can ANYBODY Stop YPK Raye and Jenna Bandy?

​@ypkraye and @JennaBandy21 take on @MarcelasHoward and @itspikaaa in week 1 of the 2v2 season.

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41 Responses

  1. Aaron says:

    I love cel and I agree with his point on how people will hate on him regardless, but he does the same to other creators when they play bad (regardless if its a joke or not). Pika isn’t the best, but she gave a lot of heart and effort; can’t say the same for Cel.

    • Jason says:

      where does he say people will hate on him regardless?

    • Angelo says:

      @Tom Huang bro he had no choice but to sit back,Rae speed boostin to the rack an Jenna over here as well walkin over pika to the rack,best thing to do was let Rae shoot,in all honesty wtf else was he gonna do? Bro tired from a 1v2,yall actin like Jenna defense ain’t top tier an rae quick asf,yall you forget that???he played ass n balled hogged for sure but damn the game would’ve been the same no matter what wit pika as a teammate

    • Tom Huang says:

      @Angelo Cel guard none, he didn’t step up nor put his hands up to contest ypk’s shots, he just gave up. Pika couldn’t guard Jenna but at least she was trying hard. We all know Cel can defense and pass the ball to help his teammates find open shots, but he was not even trying in this game, that’s why I am mad at watching this.

    • Angelo says:

      @Tom Huang idk how ppl can’t see this,like I’m not denying cels actions,he played like ass an ball hogged but damn it was a 1v2 pika can’t stop Jenna so cell gotta gaurd both

    • Joshua Kohn says:

      Bruh he the last person to talk about people making jokes, almost every content creator is an expert in dishing out critique but when they get some they become more fragile then glass

  2. HarrySpotter says:

    I’m hoping cel shows up next game. Been looking forward to seeing him play again. It’s one thing to not play but be there for your teammate. Dipika was shuffling her feet, taking shoulders to the chest. Cel about to comeback and take the chip

  3. Tommy Lane says:

    Ypk did not disappoint. Hopefully next game is more competitive. Cels been hurt a lot though

  4. Jcr 1527 says:

    Im a fan of cel and to be fair he playing like that because of his injuries is my guess. But brodie, you had a choice to wear that jersey, lace up and play, or not. You chose to play so you gotta show more effort than that, Im still a fan tho fr, all love

  5. Zyco Jovanni says:

    As someone has gone through it mentally I can tell when someone is too, my boi cel definitely had more than a lot on his mind, hopefully he clears his head and unleashes that Cel that cooked white iverson

  6. the black chef flemin says:

    ngl the way cel played killed every ounce of hype i had for this

    • Chris Jones says:

      @Angelo crazy. Pika was open- Jenna was intentionally leaving her open bc Cel was not passing at all. His IQ was bad. If she’s a shooter have her set a pick and flare out. He took really bad shots

    • Angelo says:

      @the black chef flemin it rlly does suck bc I was hyped for this game,in terms of team,tjass an rae an cash all a have a good parter that stand a chance,cels,friga an newmen all have teammates that stand no chance against these 3 girls

    • the black chef flemin says:

      @Angelo she might’ve been useless but to see one teammate give 100% effort and the other not just kills it. of course pika got cooked on the defensive end but she still tried and was there for the occasional bucket.

    • Angelo says:

      What do you expect? it’s a 1v2 pika a shooter yet couldn’t get her self open.. she couldn’t stop Jenna, wtf was she there for atp,I’ll admit he played ass an pika tried her best but she was useless jus admit lmao

    • KuttupA3 says:

      Ong bro

  7. Malik Plays says:

    Injured or not, I’m disappointed in cel’s effort more than anything. Show some heart bro🤦🏾‍♂️ a lot of people was rooting for bro.. and also, whether or not his teammate was unreliable or not, at the end of the day show some effort especially on defense and keep the energy up (encourage, motivate) for your teammate bruh🤦🏾‍♂️you take majority of the shots (he’s obviously the better player) but damn pass the ball and keep your teammate involved🤦🏾‍♂️anyways, credit to Jenna and ypk, they tuff🔥

    • cameraman cam says:

      @Angelo bro replied to every comment 😭😭😭we get it u dont like pika stop glazing

    • Angelo says:

      Lemme ask u this,if u ina 2v2 an gotta be the one dribbling at all times,trynna set up a play,an gaurd 2 ppl at once,u got be full of energy or tired?😂its exhausting an irritating he had to deal with that he needs a better teammate

  8. Javin Wiggins says:

    If I had to guess I’d say Cel playing reserved more than likely has something to do with him tearing his ACL last year. More than likely he’s trying to avoid going all out to avoid any mishaps. After he tore it he said he was done with online hooping so I’m even more shocked to see him on the creator league.

    • gskuani says:

      You must have forgot but he was hooping seriously against pros not even 4 months ago and said he was taking hooping seriously again then as well. So going all out had nothing to do with it. He just has other stuff going on that we don’t know about.

    • CoWinkcidence says:

      He only joined to see if he still get hated and in one of his recent reaction videos, he speaks on how ppl still hated on him that he thought they wanted him to do.

  9. Derek S says:

    Jenna and Raye are going to easily win this tourney. They were my pick from the start.

    Jenna’s just too competitive and no one can keep up with Raye’s speed.

  10. Erock D Goat says:

    Bruh I’m very disappointed in Cel. “Get a hand up!” Had no hand up and showed no effort the whole game.

    • Jacob Walker says:

      @Jakiee I wasn’t gonna be the one to say it but….this video not a good look for him

    • Jakiee says:

      @Jacob Walker From this game and previous comments he’s made about women in basketball, I think Cel just has an issue playing with/against women.

      I was hyped to hear he’d be a part of this. But he can forfeit if this is how he’s gonna perform.

    • Angelo says:

      @Jacob Walker I’ll admit ur right he didn’t have no respect for her but don’t try an forget that Jenna has REALLY good defense an rae quick asf,they was on top of that,pika had no chance to get open,she got 1 shot off an that was contested other then that I counted 2 more times she could’ve shot but cel didn’t pass

    • Angelo says:

      @LA Neely stop the cap,she made 1 good shot an that was it lmao,got ripped or pressed every other time,she can’t do nun but shoot,cel had to literally carry

    • gingerfitdad says:


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