Can Birds Actually Deliver Messages?

Can Birds Actually Deliver Messages?

Is it all just make believe?
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Written by Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown
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Homing Pigeons:

Behavioural and Neural Mechanisms:

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18 Responses

  1. James Ada says:

    How do you get a pigeon to find its destination the first time you send a

  2. Brendan Kern says:

    Do the science of being ticklish!!

  3. Dennis Fleitz says:

    What about dives, I want to see if the Noah story is accurate!

  4. ThisCreatedAccount says:

    Driver pigeons are also extinct.

  5. Vetur Er Að Koma says:

    The Ravens in asoiaf have the same characteristics as the carrier pigeons

  6. teacup4561 says:

    Literally there was more advertisement for audible in this video than
    actual science 

  7. ‫קרן-אור אורן‬‎ says:

    I already know that but thence you anyway!

  8. Are You “You Mad” Mad Bruh? says:

    please tell me ur joking pls

  9. Almaraen says:

    Adc pidgeon

  10. Valeria BK says:

    I knew this because I read a book about it in school

  11. Shayan Ramautar says:

    And why do we actually eat butter?

  12. Jonah Keown-Halley says:

    +AsapSCIENCE whats to stop the pigeon from just dropping whatever its meant
    to be delivering?

  13. calvin armstrong says:

    In westeros the ravens are able to do it because of magic

  14. Karim Amr says:

    What about owls?

  15. Neha Pd says:

    kabootar ja ja @ my Indian bros. ;)

  16. simplecourtney says:

    The purpose of wasps?

  17. Kaleb Mohundro says:

    If you didn’t know this you are a retard

  18. Skylerthekid124 says:

    What if we stopped using energy for an entire day?