Can Celebs Pass A 5th Grade Spelling Test?

Can Celebs Pass A 5th Grade Spelling Test?

Are you smarter than a celebrity?

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20 Responses

  1. Artist Society says:

    Wait a second isn’t that the guy from whine about it.

  2. Loraxx X says:

    omg i just love tyler and shay and kat!!!!!

  3. Magnhild Riise says:

    I don’t Even know what the last one is lok

  4. Michael Taylor says:

    Teen wolf babyyy

  5. Anna S says:

    Woow i have noticed:
    Teen Wolf
    Vampire diaries
    And that Ariana grande frankie !
    And some celebs i dont know :D

  6. Dat Elv (datelv) says:

    “Kids stay in school, don’t become actors”…best…

  7. slapstickXerox says:

    posey posey posey

  8. unexpressive says:

    I saw Tyler posey and immediately clicked

  9. Blukeyy says:

    “Celebs” ok…sure

  10. German Prepper says:

    spelling grades in grad 5? wtf in germany you do stuff like that perhabs
    like in second grade xD

  11. Katie Downie says:


  12. Isma Aguirrezábal says:

    Can celebs pass a 5th grade spelling test? Idk, but can you spot the one
    who’s not a celeb (aka Frankie Grande)?

  13. Samantha Ferraro says:

    they should do this while they are drunk

  14. Mohin Khalil says:


  15. amberghini2000 says:


  16. Matthew Bunn says:

    When I was little I tried to make my own diary, but I couldn’t figure out
    how to spell it right. So every time made an entry into the, well not book,
    it was a small flip notebook for quick notes; I tried to put down “diary
    entry # *date*”. But Instead of putting diary I put dairy or diarrhea. So
    now I have a note book on my shelf full of several entries that I now see
    as my extremely selfish and uncaring thoughts, all titled diarrhea. I’m so

  17. ETbenzer says:


  18. Ana Erza says:

    so funny that most people who study english as their second language know
    it a lot better than people who actually use it on an every day basis :D

  19. Georgia Vlogs says:


  20. Steve D says:

    do any of these except carley rae jepsin technically class as celebs