Can Chefs Make Broccoli-Haters Change Their Mind?

Can Chefs Make Broccoli-Haters Change Their Mind?

Will these picky eaters finally eat broccoli?

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22 Responses

  1. Left Shark says:

    In mother Russia
    Broccoli hate you

  2. Massive Löli says:

    broccoli looks just like my hair

  3. Harsha Kalluri says:

    I dunno why ppl hate it..I like it…Boiled in salt water and a mixed flavours…

  4. Александр Кисленко says:

    If you want to change your mind on vegetables – stop eating crap and widen your taste palette. By eating oversweeted and spicy food you just getting rid of 90% of awesome flavors, that your receptors just can’t pick.

  5. Anders N Rasmussen says:

    They should change the title of this video into something like: Masking the flavor of broccoli, so people cant taste it at all”.

  6. farhan irsan says:

    you ruin a perfect broccoli, i eat it raw and fresh just like my little sister

  7. Genevieve Marie Rasay says:

    The guy chef reminds me of Channing Tatum’s way of talking

  8. camryn Orford says:

    we came to slay the broccoli game


  9. Sabīne Mitkus says:

    Jesus Christ broccoli is just green cauliflower, I bet they haven’t even tastes broccoli since they’ve been 9

  10. GameSpace says:

    I only like broccoli cuz it looks like a small tree.

  11. Alex Beamer says:

    literally everything about this video annoys me

  12. Chihiro Hayashima says:

    I love broccoli. Honestly fam just eat some with melted cheese okay you good

  13. Rxyo7474 says:

    i got some Jalapeno to get that It *Halap in your face*

  14. Sparkling Apple Juice says:

    yes your body thanks you for eating broccoli 🙂 good vitamins and stuff good good yes

  15. Beverley Nunes says:

    Can we get those recipes please? 😀

  16. Josh Maddux says:

    Its not rude to not eat it… its not child like to not eat what you hate… what messed up views does that women have.

  17. Magic Magnus 360 says:

    Buzzfeed is really running out of ideas…..

  18. Crybaby Crystals says:

    I’m a REALLY picky eater but I don’t mind broccoli IT’S A CUTE AF TINY TREE

  19. Sha. Arsekar says:

    0:36 Ay! Shez the girl who killed the tooth fairy…….

  20. Girlwithateddybear says:

    Who do Americans hate broccoli?
    Oh..I remembered… it’s a vegetable

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