Can Concrete Protect iPhone 6s from 100 FT Drop Test? – GizmoSlip

Can Concrete Protect iPhone 6s from 100 FT Drop Test? – GizmoSlip

Concrete is an incredible thing. Literally, moldable transportable rock. But can concrete protect an iPhone 6s from a 100 FT drop?

Can Donald Trump’s Hair Protect an iPhone 6s from a 100 FT Drop? –

Can a Pineapple Protect an iPhone 6s from a 100 FT Drop? -

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20 Responses

  1. Cursive Aardvark says:

    his arms where soaked with sweat

  2. BrandonVids says:


  3. Josie Trenn News says:

    Pause at 0:33 and you can see the license plate unblocked

  4. AlphaForce Gaming says:

    I’m sure it can

  5. Matthew Zavala says:

    Y do u wear that shirt every day

  6. JoseffPlayzz TheChipp says:


  7. Soc Ram says:

    this shits really getting out of hand

  8. VIIP NekozZ ! says:

    suscribe to my channel plz :(

  9. Jebs Freeman says:

    sick song what’s it called?

  10. TheDiamondMinecart // Dan TDM says:

    TechRax is better

  11. Geno Generations says:

    What is the soundtrack for this video at the beginning?

  12. Zizi Sherif says:

    I have aquestion ……… do you have that much money cause what you
    are doing is a waste of money seriously

  13. Xolerys says:

    These guys are so careless showing their license plate xD

  14. Hamy night says:

    I have a question… When will we ever accidentally drop our iPhones in a
    block of cement then chuck it off a building?

  15. Edwin Svensson says:

    I think

    No and also cyka blyat

  16. Mariana Velez says:

    Wow this guy gets paid to drop electronics off of a roof! Bs

  17. Bleach says:

    0:33 poor guy… tryed CRR-1036

  18. Ali Sabra says:

    can a birthday cake protect iPhone 6s from a 100 ft fall? ?please try it
    gizmo slip?

  19. Ernesto Amezcua says:

    Same shit in every video

  20. Prominecraft Gamer says:

    I try and hit my mom and now am grounded for a year