Can Ellen Get Steph & Ayesha Curry to Reveal Their Baby’s Gender?

Can Ellen Get Steph & Ayesha Curry to Reveal Their Baby’s Gender?

Basketball MVP Steph Curry and his wife Ayesha have the gender results of their third child, but don’t want to know them. Can Ellen convince them to reveal the secret?

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76 Responses

  1. Rumi Begum says:

    Beautiful couple

  2. Treasdreonia Burke says:

    It was an awkward hug they gave each other but I can see their love!! I’m all for it!! Congrats on the new addition!!

  3. jessica Jimenez says:

    “I got y’all in the mood” Lmaoo Ellen is so funny

  4. Tj De Guzman says:

    Now if its a boy trae young wont be the next stephen curry curry’s son will be

  5. Luwam Alem says:

    They’re having another baby!!? How did I NOT hear about his lol congrats tho!!😍🤗

  6. Beezy Pooh says:

    Since we can’t clone you, Steph, at least have a “mini me”…haha. Hopefully, it’s a boy. Congratulations! Such a wonderful couple!

  7. Haseeb Ali Khan says:

    He is so handsome and beautiful couple!!!!

  8. Matilda and Annabelle says:

    There having a boy I bet theory his wife is wearing all blue

  9. Tran Phuong Anh says:

    ellen is like a little kid who is desperately curious about every baby’s gender haha. she is way too cute, i love her to death <3

  10. The Next Big Thing says:

    This is why Steph haven’t been Himself lately #dubnation gotta be a boy

  11. Raven Anderson says:

    She doesn’t even look pregnant especially for her 3rd baby, go girl!!

  12. Chrysanthemum Scorpio says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Ayesha & Steph.

  13. ShabbyBe says:

    that gucci jacket tho ! Ellen i love you !

  14. xlynsanity BB says:

    This family need a reality show and not those Balls and Kardashians family bruh.

  15. Lostlove8548 says:

    Steph has a beautiful wife he’s a lucky man

  16. Ume Amanu says:

    He needs whatever God gives him. No your girl. It doesn’t matter.

  17. Rosa says:

    All this pressure from people wanting them to have a boy.smh do y’all realize how awful you will make them feel if they have a girl? y’all realize they have no control over it? like, Damm let them be. The child will be loved.that is all that matters

  18. Anjushree Verma says:

    I did not know who Ayesha was, but the confidence with which she walked out here & the way she handled this, she had to be a celebrity

    • Nelly Davis says:

      Anjushree Verma she is not actually…..

    • Only1 KingKev says:

      Nelly Davis well she was in a scene on hannah montana soo…. yeah

    • Nelly Davis says:

      Only1 KingKev she is more famous for being his wife, and now she has her own cooking show……not to mention they seem to like to play around on social media.

    • Only1 KingKev says:

      Nelly Davis yeah im not denying that fact at all, but what does tht have to do with how she performs on camera? she definitely developed professional experience obviously from when she got into the industry in her early days.. im not saying she got famous from acting

  19. She'Myia Malone says:

    Such a good guy omg

  20. Amie Kamara says:

    Curry with them 3s man 🙌🏾

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