Can I beat Donkey Kong 2 if every death gets WAY more expensive?

Can I beat Donkey Kong 2 if every death gets WAY more expensive?

The hardest game on Super Nintendo, but it’s VERY expensive.

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46 Responses

  1. DougDoug says:

    Martin Shkreli got released from prison 6 months early, we did it gamers!!

  2. Para says:

    I’m glad Doug understands that if he got into crime his audience would be into it.

  3. Patterrz says:

    It’s great that Doug is supporting Doctors that are hoarders, it’s a very serious problem for many and it needs more attention

  4. Just Zach I guess says:

    I’m glad Doug donated to doctors without recorders. those doctors probably didnt get great music classes when they were kids, and they needed the learning experience

  5. Botanist Edward says:

    I can’t believe Martin Shrekel would simply walk in and give those doctors some borders

  6. Gavin Zebadua says:

    Imagine living in a third world country or dying in a war zone
    And then a doctor who was funded because a mustached pepper man died in a 30 year old monkey game to a bee comes and saves your life

  7. Vengefly says:

    I’m glad we’re supporting doctors without hoarders. Hoarding life saving drugs is something that Martin Shkreli would do.

  8. Sutrox says:

    I remember that one time when he tried to do this and ended up apologizing to every single one of his subscribers with a maid outfit for over an hour to avoid going bankrupt

  9. Jangus Lip Balm says:

    I’m glad Martin Shkreli donated all that money, he really turned his life around! Also make these videos a little longer please I watch them in 15x speed

    • Providence says:

      @Seve Never! I’ve been on YT since at least 2009 (been so long, I can’t exactly remember, I made my first account in 2013 though.) It’s never been this bad and it’s honestly sad to see.

    • Providence says:

      Ok wow, I didn’t expand all of the replies and holy shit that’s more bots than I thought, this is a full on epidemic.

    • Providence says:

      Lmao, and YouTube said they would do something about these bots…

    • ethan stiller says:

      @Bob4212 at least I know you can press a button to never recommend a channel on mobile, if that helps, also what was the video like

  10. BIG Smoke says:

    It’s amazing to see that there are still some good people in the world giving these doctors some borders. Thanks to Martin and his border giving skills humanity still has a chance to redeem itself.

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