Can I beat Mario Odyssey if he is exactly 5’11?

Can I beat Mario Odyssey if he is exactly 5’11?

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  1. Dazcar says:

    the first set of strongholds spawn in a ring at a distance of 14 hundred to 18 hundred blocks away from (0,0) and the player can spawn in at a square area of 3 thousand by 3 thousand within (0,0). there is a very slim chance for the spawn point to overlap the stronghold spawn donut and for a stronghold to actually spawn there, so technically it is possible to get a stronghold underneath spawn.

    • FurballisticFinn says:

      oh i definitely needed this information, probably the only way i’ll ever find a stronghold

      also since when could you spawn within 3000 blocks of 0,0 i only ever get like 300 blocks away spawn at best

    • vlSapphire says:

      every stronghold is underneath spawn if you think about it

    • Carnage says:

      So theoretically you could get stupidly lucky and get a full portal under spawn and get a super fast wr

    • Pie ofsteve says:


    • vicic says:

      honestly as much as i thing smallants videos are fun, i think he occasionally just gets way too smug. like pipe down man and be a little more humble jfc

  2. Matt J says:

    I’ll never get tired of how he says “Goombas”. It’s like he puts in the effort to pronounce both O’s.

  3. goseenanan says:

    You can spawn above a stronghold in Java if you got crazy spawn displacement or on old versions where stronghold spawning was different. Look at the enter end wr or the pre 1.9 ssg wr

  4. faze minecrft says:

    If you think about it the race in snow kingdom is really messed up, one of the racers doesn’t want to participate in the race so you take control of his mind and force him to race, then after you utilize his strength and skills you take the multi moon that you had no way to obtain by yourself and run before anyone realizes that you took control of someones mind to take the prize

  5. David Hale says:

    It’s interesting that the fact that you get more height out of launches means that the game is applying forces instead of vectors just, meaning that each physical object also has mass

    • Socks 'N' Sandals says:

      @David Hale my best guess is that the jump and movement forces are part of the Mario prefab, and those scale with him

    • David Hale says:

      @Miguel Diaz that’s a great point, Why would you want both force and velocity vector based movement?

    • Miguel Diaz says:

      I was actually thinking that, but then that raises some questions. For example, Mario’s jump height scaled down with his body. I don’t know if this was because the mod creator did so manually? Captures also seem to have unchanged jumps etc but that could be because their mass is unchanged

  6. Roadkill says:

    The stronghold generation is actually 1400 blocks from 0,0 not spawn
    The game will try to spawn you at 0,0 or as close as it can without spawning you in a illegal biome so it will sometimes spawn you very far out, like on top of a stronghold

  7. brickbattle69 says:

    This looks amazing. Smallant1 finds so much ways to make the game more interesting

  8. Xplanate says:

    imagine being bowser and seeing an Italian man the size of a tic-tac come up to you and destroy you

  9. •Dum_Lettuce• says:

    You know you’re popular when there’s an entire mod mocking your height lol

    Great content!

  10. alolanraichu says:

    the rubik’s cube is already hard,but doing it blind folded? that’s impressive I’m very impressed,fantastic job

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