Can I Blind Guess Which Coffee is Mine?

Can I Blind Guess Which Coffee is Mine?

Can I guess my own coffee with a blind taste test
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44 Responses

  1. SuperNASCARrocks says:

    Sean is a coffee genius. The fact that he got them all right is incredible.

  2. Hollow Reeds says:

    I recently tried Jack’s coffee and I cannot argue when he said it is absurdly good, because it’s some of the best dang coffee I’ve ever had the privilege to try

  3. Haabiuallh Khan says:

    Haven’t watched yet. I hope our boy doesn’t embarrass himself. We don’t need another “Arin blind tastes Wendy’s and says it’s awful.”

  4. ItsTheMoonRabbit says:

    Legend has it Sean personally kisses each bean in his coffee, truly dedicated to his craft

    • Pyler says:


    • OzzieBloke says:

      I personally can wait for Sean’s Kopi Luwak where he swallows and poops out the beans first.

  5. The Cluckster says:

    You should give random people all three and see which one they like better.

  6. Mr loverman says:

    If Jack cant guess his own coffee I’ll be severely disappointed in him

    Edit I’m severely impressed
    Edit: so apparently editing your comment removes the heart

  7. Rab says:

    Gonna make a coffee really quick while watching this

  8. Myste Whispers says:

    Jack and Quinn is a duo I never knew I needed

  9. Glitchipede says:

    My caffeine addiction will never heal until I order all of his coffees

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