Can I FIX this $10,000 CPU??

Can I FIX this $10,000 CPU??

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73 Responses

  1. Sir Bensalot says:

    Wasn’t this video titled I’m a failure earlier?

    • GJL Creative Studios says:

      yeah, there is this totally futuristic feature YouTube has called “title editor”. You’ll probably be hearing about it soon in your local newspaper. lol jp

    • DEADKEEP KARSO says:

      it was

    • Steven Shawa says:

      I instinctively dislike every video on this channel because of the clock bait bullshit and obnoxious thumbnails

    • Sir Bensalot says:

      +Steven Shawa um if u wanna hate ok but there’s literally not a single bit of clickbait, at least the bad kind, the definition of clickbait is making something appealing to draw attention but literally every YouTube video and every YouTuber do that 100% the bad kind where it’s misleading and stuff does not happen on this channel, it is in fact a 10k CPU and he is in fact trying to fix it. So 100% no bad clickbait and how is the thumbnail clickbaitish? It’s literally just him holding the CPU. . . Also click* not clock

    • GodOfGamers says:

      Steven Shawa why you hating for no reason? If you don’t like the video then don’t watch it. Don’t click the video to dislike and leave right after. Don’t be an a**hole

  2. Zach Ryan says:

    Linus famous words, “and I dropped it.”

  3. The Unboxing Authority says:

    Should have gotten dual AMD epyc CPUs with 128 threads… Less expensive to replace.

  4. Sergio Ruelas says:

    At this point I’m surprised there isn’t thick padding all across the floors ?

  5. ninad kale says:

    Linus Drop Tips tip, do not drop a 10,000$ processor ???

  6. 1Example says:

    When i saw the title “can i fix this 10,000$ cpu” i was like c’mon man how can you drop something like this and break it ?

  7. Troy Wilkins says:

    Does it count as irony when the video is sponsored by Massdrop, and the video is about the damage caused when something with mass (the CPU) was dropped?


    Video in the future “linus’s son dropped a 128 core 256 threaded xeon processor and he fixed it”

  9. Griffin says:

    Let’s hope that glue doesn’t melt!

  10. knightmarex13 says:

    8:48 Colton is the real hero in the video

  11. Ryan Brunette says:

    Chin up my dude. 20 years from now it will be the least expensive thing you’ve dropped.

    • Dennis Lundgren says:

      +peter geary Man you are right i’d get retro cpu coasters. You have to buy them all up and sell them when the time is right!

    • realtbnrfrags10 says:

      Yup especially if he drops a pc that has this cpu with a quadro/rtx 2080ti……. yup 20k (almost)

    • Domonkos Szabó says:

      Actually I don’t think so. The advencement of cpu power can’t go on indefinetly it will slow down. For example we are approaching the smallest possible transistor size, after that cpu makers will have to find another way of increasing processing power in the same amount of space. So this cpu very well might be pretty good even after 5-10 years

    • fidel catsro says:

      more like 20months, from last week!

    • Dennis Lundgren says:

      +Domonkos Szabó It can go on for several hundred years tho. Quantum computers will make todays supercomputers look like calculators.

  12. Praneeth Sarma Panchagnula says:

    Roses are red
    The sky is blue
    Linus also drops
    The M.2

  13. sniperammow says:

    i carried my $300 dollar CPU on a gold-coated pillow with guard dogs and safety nets into my pc. and Linus drops a 10,000 dollar CPU like its nothing.

  14. The3rdID says:

    Linus: “Tech Jesus help me!”
    Steve: “Glue the CPU together, my child.”
    Linus: “It works, I deserve a medal.”


  15. InfinitePower says:

    You should collab with Louis Rossmann and see if he can fix the CPU at a microsoldering level.
    Don’t delay, collab today

    • Jesse Newton says:

      Except he already shoved glue in it.

    • Xathos says:

      Nice idea, but he loathes working on anything without schematics.

      On top of that, it’s damage inside of the PCB of the CPU. it’s likely damaged traces deep within. That’s impossible to fix without some major machinery of a fab.

    • m Vn says:

      +Xathos probably, but asking him does have more chance of it getting fixed then putting some glue inside and put heavy duty clamps on it

    • Xathos says:

      +m Vn To quote Louis Rossmann “I’m little more than a janitor cleaning up”.

      He won’t know how to fix it, or even try (unless getting something in return for the failed attempt). This is beyond his skill level, and you speak like somebody that doesn’t even watch his work.

      Think about it.

    • m Vn says:

      +Xathos Never said that louis would be able to fix it, just that it would have more chance of it getting fixed by him then putting clamps to it (with chance beeing the most important par of that sentence). i personnaly dont believe its actually possible to fix a cpu thats been split open, not even by intel. I do believe that louis will have a beter assesment if its even possible to get it fixed by him or anyone else

  16. Flo S says:

    Step one : Destroy a RED camera
    Step two : Destro a 10k cpu
    Step three : Rename the YouTube channel to : ‘How to destroy expense things’

  17. Xd_Krystalz says:

    When there is two minutes left in the vid and Linus hasn’t fixed the cpu
    Little kids voice* uh so thanks for watching see you next time

  18. Pran J says:

    But The real question is Why You’ve to Fix The Title from “I’m a Failure” to “Can I fix this $10000 CPU” ?

    • Khiman Louer says:

      +Joe Gateaux And there are 2 of them

    • Lil Puff ???? says:

      You make no sense.
      Go back to school.

    • Justyn HaLl says:

      Awesome OTTS a $1 cpm is super shit and a lot of the time it’s $5-8, used to be $7-10 before adpocalypse. Linus tech tips is a pretty good channel for YouTube and their cpm is easily $6 is not $7.50. This is excluding sponsor which pay a lot more and which Linus always has.

    • FX Geek says:

      Too much failure.

    • 100 Abonennten ohne Video Challenge? Mach mit! says:

      Awesome OTTS not with that sponsor! It can also be 5-10 Bucks for 1k views with a good sponsor and then it will pay of and the most expansive workstation cpu costs 7-8k not 10k!

  19. WizardBlobMovies1234 says:

    only 327gb of RAM, not 364….. can relate.

  20. iPpBG says:

    When you only have 327GB of RAM instead of 364GB ://

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