‘Can I Get a Fish Sandwich?’ Traffic Jam Jimmy Caught in the Drive-Thru During Traffic Report

‘Can I Get a Fish Sandwich?’ Traffic Jam Jimmy Caught in the Drive-Thru During Traffic Report

Candace Dold tosses to Traffic Jam Jimmy during a traffic report Thursday morning… only to find him in the McDonald’s drive-through.

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19 Responses

  1. José Gabriel says:


  2. 2KGrind09 says:

    stay put, unless you working at the McDonald’s. People are going to need
    those fish sandwiches! 

  3. N37BU6 says:

    This guy is a boss.

    *Hey Jimmy, will you be my uncle?*

  4. 74jrh3 says:

    that woman in the beginning is a mush mouth.

  5. Matthew Green says:

    This is awesome!

  6. john doe says:

    he should be fired. unprofessional.

  7. linglingjr says:

    Super shitty viral ad campaign is super shitty.

  8. campbell john says:

    its pretty obvious why! its advertising for mc donalds! hello! notice the
    cushion in the rear seat of the truck as well!

  9. Brandon Pryor says:

    The bag perfectly placed in the back is too odd, this is the new trickiest
    form of advertising now, the corporations want to advertise to us now
    without us realizing or knowing, they know they need to cash in on the
    billions of hours people spend watching Youtube videos, i dont like it.

  10. Bellicose Aries says:

    More evidence that Faux News and their audience, are fucking jokes. An
    entertainment medium posing as “news.”

  11. Trevor H says:

    good ol traffic jam jimmy

  12. matthias says:

    McDonald’s seems to be trying everything in the book. Maybe if they
    actually improve their products their sales will benefit.

  13. Steve S says:

    That was pretty funny. I hope he doesn’t loose his job over that… Fox45

  14. JJ Hart says:

    Im digging your ‘new look’ Jimmie, Painted Orange beard and dark bluish
    gray skin color Love it!!!

  15. super mario says:

    heard him on jay mohr sports… lol..

  16. CELT1CPRED says:


    1. Spray painted beard. Why?
    2. Driver has a station coat on for what purpose? he’s the mobile report.
    3. McDonalds bag conveniently in the center of the screen
    4. He just randomly pulls into the drive in AS SOON as the feed starts.

    and gay

  17. Fendy1 says:

    McDonalds call them “fillet-o-fish burgers” in Australia – not sure it
    that’s the fish sandwich he’s ordering.

  18. xxxGuitarHeroAcexxx says:

    What the fuckkkkkkk

  19. Paul Lucas says:

    He just happen to have a big McDonald’s bag displayed prominently on his
    back seat? Blatant product placement and viral marketing attempt.