Can I Use The Customers Water When Pressure Washing?

Can I Use The Customers Water When Pressure Washing?

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  1. Forever Self Employed says:

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    • timbohouston says:

      I let the customer know up front I’ll be using their water. If they don’t like that idea, then I say well it was good talking to you. Almost nobody has ever had an issue.

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    • Emi Eiko says:

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  2. guillermo flores says:

    This a great channel, I’ve been really motivated to start up a small business. Thanks keep it up man 💯

    • C9_Beast says:

      Hey man what’s the small business and how can we support you?

    • guillermo flores says:

      @C9_Beast before I found this channel I was genuinely thinking of either a power washing business, so you instantly inspired me. I also just put im my two weeks notice.

    • C9_Beast says:

      @guillermo flores Go for it! I’d support you if I could honestly
      It’s not me in the video though but the guy in the video is a inspiration

  3. Mark Hilsen says:

    My back hurts just watching him bent over like that. Id use a longer wand or get one of those
    “broom” attachments if they work?

    • Kiimmig says:

      @AestheticSloth unfortunate a botched surgery left me with some missing parts. Unstable area are similar to a dead spot in a carburetor, is the best I can describe.
      Just nothing until gravity takes over,
      So glad you shrink as you age, closer to landing when I goof up.😉

    • AestheticSloth says:

      @Kiimmig lmao good attitude man. Keep up the positive attitude my guy!

    • crash landon says:

      Broom attachments are crap. But longer wand for sure.

    • crash landon says:

      @Brian Griffith you still need to spot clean with wand after surface cleaning. Surface cleaner just creates a even finish. But doesn’t do a good job at getting spots.

  4. Christopher Cicotello says:

    Include it in your contract. “Water supplied by customer”

    • Corvette Dude says:

      @InSiDiOuS_MaRe – There are plenty of tanks large enough to clean a few windows. It is up to the person providing the service to ask and/or put in the requirement for customer supplied water in the contract. Imagine going to the hospital and they assume you the customer are going to supply the stiches. Also in the summer there are many city ordinances where no water can be used outside until after 6pm because of heat waves causing water shortages. If the windows are being cleaned in the day time that it is the service providers problem to bring the water. He cannot ask the customer to break the law.

    • InSiDiOuS_MaRe says:

      @Corvette Dude my guy I’ve painted houses for over 16 years and I’d say a little over half of those houses all requested power washing as part of the contracted deal and never once in my 16 years have they ever said anything about water or have we ever said anything about water. It’s kind of common Sense.

    • InSiDiOuS_MaRe says:

      @Corvette Dude also I’ve never just power washed somebody’s windows lol. That honestly would be a waste of their money and my time. A normal power washing job is either the entire house including gutters, siding, deck, concrete and windows

    • Donald Johnson says:

      @Corvette Dude you write it in the contract as “Customer will supply hose connection minimum 2.5 gpm” it’s on paperwork they sign, if they don’t have it available when you show up that’s a breach of contract on their part. They’re still getting charged minimum service call fee + mileage for wasting your time.

  5. Leo Makosiej says:

    I have my own company and I always use their water. It is very specified in my flyer and when I talk to them either in person or texting

  6. Jacob Riches says:

    Same with sewer jetting. They have large tanks on them but when they are filled you can’t drive more than 25-35 mph with all the extra weight.

  7. Average Joe says:

    Just binged all your shorts lol you got a new sub! Me and my brother just started pressure washing and detailing cars as a side hustle on the weekend and always ponder the thought of starting our own business. This was a kick in the butt, we need to start a business

  8. TimeBucks says:

    yes this makes sense

  9. [ Billey ] H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve says:

    I have my own company and I always use their water. It is very specified in my flyer and when I talk to them either in person or texting

  10. SAMEOLD JOjO says:

    I liked every single video and I’ve learnt a lot , thank you

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