Can iPhone 7 Survive in Giant Chocolate Easter Bunny’s Booty? 100 FT Drop Test

Can iPhone 7 Survive in Giant Chocolate Easter Bunny’s Booty? 100 FT Drop Test

Easter is coming up so of course we had to do an Easter special! We went to the grocery store and found this chocolate easter bunny that was big enough to fit an iPhone 7 inside of it. Which leads us to where we are right now. Does the Chocolate Easter bunny have what it takes to protect the iPhone 7 from a 100 foot drop test? Find out in today’s episode! Thanks so much watching!

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Water skipping an iPhone 7:

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20 Responses

  1. Techistry says:

    Happy easter everyone! 🙂

  2. AmeBelle Wins says:

    Poor bunny he dropped the soap and now he got an phone up his ass

  3. Yolofon says:

    Don`t watch my Videos Please.

  4. MLGxFWOGGY 69 says:

    video ends at 5:37, ur welcome

  5. Brandon Krongard says:

    Gizmoslip I love your South Park shirt

  6. Jdogflan35 5 says:

    If he stopped wasting money on iPhones he might be able to save enough money to move out of his trailer thing

  7. Zappykid says:

    who else prefers the drop ones?? and not the drones

  8. IgnitedFlames says:

    Love the hair GizmoSlip

    Or should I say GizmoSlick

  9. Venatical Candy says:

    Drop a Nokia by itself and see if it survives

  10. onion tv HD says:

    See if 25 FIDGET SPINNERs can protect an iPhone 7s from a 100 foot drop.

  11. Joaiscrazy says:

    I dont like The ones with drones…. you dont Get The feeling Of crazyness :/

  12. Duoet says:

    Roses are red
    This video is a bore
    The moment you came for is at 3:34

  13. Eli McFadden says:

    Ok, I swear he faked eating that thing.

  14. ReKrap Gaming says:

    How does he get all the money for phones?

  15. My name jeff says:

    Please stop or kys and get out of my trending tab

  16. Abriëll Ost says:

    This guy has money to buy IPhones btw”HAPPY EASTER”

  17. TOP 15 says:

    THE DROP STARTS AT 3:32 -Your welcome ?

  18. Incinium says:

    Next video: Can the beer glass survive a drop off the Eiffel Tower?

  19. Brendan Demboski says:

    You should drop a Nintendo switch when there is a new shipment by itself

  20. Supersman2000FightChair says:

    I knew he was going to eat the chocolate. I would have, lol

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