Can LEGO Protect an iPhone 6S from 100 FT Drop Test?

Can LEGO Protect an iPhone 6S from 100 FT Drop Test?

A custom lego brick case is built for the iPhone 6S and dropped from 100 feet to see whether the smartphone can survive!


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20 Responses

  1. David Cheng says:

    You are just wasting colten.

  2. Yuvaan Ibanez says:

    Do the durability of a human case, wonder if it would die.

  3. white lotus says:

    Why would you destroy.those expensive stuff are you stupid

  4. Ndabe Ndaba says:

    can you give me that 6s plzzz

  5. Tariq Karolia says:

    +TechRax Make more Samsung videos!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Master Bredin says:

    please subscribe to my channel master bredin

  7. Nandy Pramudita Kumara says:

    hey techrax you ever heard the $1000 iPhone case
    it says the case made from “hard” material or something like it

    so why you not try it ?

  8. Varun Sarathy says:

    Thanks for informing. I’m gonna steal my younger brother’s LEGOs now and
    try this at home.

  9. Macedonian Games says:

    +TechRax can you do with other phones like
    sony xperia e3
    i whant to see if that phone is still alive if you drop him from 2 metters
    4 times
    my is still working with cracked glass

  10. Stefanos Katalaktakis says:

    oh god stop copying gismo slip

  11. carl jonson says:

    I wonder how every time the iPhone falls on the screen and theAndroid falls
    on the back

  12. Kevin Sun says:

    It’s amazing,I should buy some Loge to protect my iPhone

  13. illumanti Dog says:

    I’m so fresh u can suck my nuts

  14. Stevan Stefanovic says:

    almost 4 mil rax!!

  15. Xelion says:

    Please do LG G5 Knife Scratch & Hammer Test , not a stupid 100 FT drop
    tests ;)

  16. Andy Davies says:

    I think you should rap an iPhone 6s in socks and drop it from 100 feet

  17. SuperChocolate says:


  18. Julia Joanna Julianna says:


  19. Naveen Malik says:

    Thanks Imma go and buy this case now!!!!!!!

  20. RiMa says: