Can Liquid Oxygen Melt Diamond?

Can Liquid Oxygen Melt Diamond?

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In this video we’re testing out the flammable properties of liquid oxygen, and seeing if it’s strong enough to melt a diamond.

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38 Responses

  1. newton9837 says:

    pencil graphite has alot of clay in it, that may have been the cause of the failure to burn.

  2. Dave Brunero says:

    The pencil lead is not pure graphite… Most are a mixed with clay or other materials… Hence it does not work…

  3. Luiz Playz says:

    My nose is blooding this with all science…
    Ohh no even my English is affected

  4. Joe MacLeod-Iredale says:

    Pencil lead has Clay (which won’t burn) in as well as graphite.

  5. Mark says:

    Finally a video showing the power of liquid oxygen because liquid nitrogen is too mainstream.

  6. ha I got your nose says:

    Ok so Liquid Oxygen freezes stuff and NOW its melting stuff

  7. Tea Burn says:

    _Diamonds are for forever, just like true love. It can’t be destroyed._
    TKOR: Hold my blowtorch.

  8. EZW BEY0ND says:

    Regular person: oh
    Shoot, FIRE!!!
    I guess I will throw this cold liquid in this lab on it

    Scientist: oh no that was oxygen

  9. CC Lee says:

    Nate: * sticks finger in liquid oxygen *
    Alexander: this liquid is extremely dangerous

  10. Stariliel says:

    Him: says sciency stuff
    Me: uhuh
    also me: I know but mostly not

  11. Gizmo Goose. says:

    Alexander is the larval stage of a chemical engineering professor.

  12. MossyDaMoose says:

    *flashbacks* *to* *Minecraft*


  13. VM Paper Planes and Origami's says:

    Well, this video was very informative.

  14. ADVANCE thinking says:

    Graphene is way stronger than diamonds?
    Try doing something with home made graphene

  15. Nightcore Sorcerer says:

    Yes, I too handle and use diamonds in my everyday life

  16. Anonymous Anon says:

    6:59 PTSD for people who have failed chemistry.

  17. AyeItsTre says:

    Me: **BROKE**

    TKOR: so let’s **CASUALLY** destroy some diamonds today!??

  18. Dragon King says:

    Spoiler: Nate brought that Diamond ring to propose someone


    We want to see Alexander in much more videos he is smart guy

  20. רפאל כהן says:

    This is the diamond from the pinut butter charcoal

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