Can Math Prove God’s Existence?

Can Math Prove God’s Existence?

Can math stop the debate over God’s Existence?
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Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
Written by: Mitchell Moffit, Gregory Brown and Rachel Salt
Illustrated: by: Max Simmons & Gregory Brown
Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot

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20 Responses

  1. Ruby Shadow says:

    The big bang was my computer crashing.

  2. Ted LeMoine says:

    If an omnipotent and all knowing God exists, why do people have to try so hard to convince me of it? Shouldn’t it be evident?

  3. TOMahawk says:

    Regardless of my stance on God, this isn’t your best work ASAP, you just sprouted numbers out of nowhere and tried to use them to say something is far more likely, and we have no idea because we can’t see a different reality where life didn’t come to be naturally on earth, or god doesn’t exist, or any of these billions of billions of veriants. How about this, millions of years ago, some great apes decided to sacrifice a virgin into a volcano to become more intelligent over time, and the earth rewarded them by letting them evolve into modern day humans. I’d say this has a 1 in 2 likelihood of happening so there you have it, math proves virgin sacrifices to volcanos are where humans came from.

  4. Pudgy 8th Grader says:

    If money can’t buy happiness, why can I buy vidya gaems?

    Checkmate, atheists

  5. MedicEne says:

    Why so many dislikes ? I am a christian and I cant see why people are mad at this video, it was an unbias. Personally I think there is no way we can know, all we can know is what we see, and from the universe now its clear that it was either created by some sentient force (God/ gods) or it happened randomly. All we can do is use what we have around us to lead to one of the conclusions.

  6. MrCocktaiI says:

    Mathematics uses rigorous axioms and definitions to prove inevitable consequences from these axioms and definitions using (formal) logic. The reasoning presented in this video was not in the least mathematical, as pointed out by various other (very good) comments. The fact that a mathematician uses such naive reasoning to “prove” the existence of god with a “probability” that is nothing but completely made up without any backing evidence is shameful for our whole prefession. We do not want to prove or disprove the existence of god (/gods); we know we can’t. There are so many uses and applications for mathematics (besides the joy and beauty of doing math itself), seeing it being mistreated for such pseudoscience makes me really upset.

  7. The Truth says:

    i think ASAP Science is trying too hard to be PC.
    making videos about politics and now talking about God.
    can you just stick to Science?

  8. Kiriakos Mavridis says:

    The premise that the existance of humans make it more possible of there being a god makes it clear that you are ignorant of evolution. Since evolution explains our existance sufficiently there is no need for a further assumption, such as God

  9. Gatsefy says:

    There’s only one god.

    Praise Lord Gaben!

  10. MrPepsiWaffles says:

    You know how many religions exist?If all these hindreds of religions exist,how can you be sure that yoirs is the correct one?Religion was created for two things:

    1.To explain the natural phenomenons to ancient humans
    2.Manipulating people into a specific life style via fear mongering.And people listened for a fear of eternal torture(how can u even live thinking that exists without being driven insane?)

  11. Rasti Al says:

    what if… we’re inside a simulation of a simulation INSIDE a giant simulation ? run by Sigerian scammers

  12. Jacob L says:

    This is not science.

  13. Tota Garboua says:

    Weather your religious or not…….
    We can all agree that if we are a stimulation…….
    Who created the person who created the stimulation?
    Was it a god, gods, evolution?
    And how do these ‘beings’ have the time and energy to control seven billion beings all the time?

    Your theory is as irrelevant as Cody Simpson. Stop trying

  14. Hamid Noor says:

    God is too complex to be understood by our tiny minds.

  15. Nick Dionisio says:

    This whole probability shit makes no sense.

  16. BallisticCreeper says:

    Whether or not math can prove this, I still believe in the Lord

  17. THE PHYSICIST says:

    Wake up sheeple…

  18. CC 61Chasteen says:

    God made math. God made everything. One nation under God

  19. Son Tama says:

    Does God believe in a higher being than him? If not, doesn’t that make him an atheist? ?

  20. Nintato says:

    No, but it does prove the existence of Satan.

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