Can McDonald’s Become Fine Dining? | The Happy Meal

Can McDonald’s Become Fine Dining? | The Happy Meal

Try Guy Keith takes on the challenge of creating a gourmet dish out of a McDonald’s Happy meal. Will the Judges think it is gourmet, or will Keith just create garbage?

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Phillip Jackson

Jessica Schupack – @classicsocialmedia
Alex Lewis – @I8athumbtack, @lewberger

Robert and Donna Lewis

The Try Guys is the flagship channel of 2ND TRY, LLC. Tune in twice a week for shows from Keith, Ned, Zach and Eugene, the creators and stars of The Try Guys.

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63 Responses

  1. Kaitlyn Gorman says:

    HAPPY MEALS: Will it Dumpling? Let’s talk about that.

  2. Notice Me Senpai says:

    That lady didn’t know the shit show she’d actually get herself involved with

  3. Téa Leaver says:

    Its not totally not working!-the brave words of keith

  4. Jooleeyuuh says:

    Do like a masterchef thingy where each try guy tries to reinvent one specific meal into 4 different ways lol that would be cool

  5. iiluv potato says:

    “Dumperito? ”

    “Dumderido? ”

    I can’t xD

    Oh! I got a like!

    Wait. It is just me…

    Edit: My Gosh! Tysm!

  6. Gina Frescaz says:

    Keith you looked hot & did a great job transforming McDs into a gourmet meal!!

  7. roe boat says:

    GOURMET KFC NEXT!!!!! cause Keith loves fried chicken and just imagine all the grease you could get into the pan off the chicken skin!

  8. Simon James says:

    I love how supportive Zach was! You can tell he was really rooting for Keith.

  9. japangrl says:

    why juice the fries for oil when mcdonalds has butter? they give you butter with your hotcakes in the morning. the maple syrup would have been good with the apple dumpenadas.

  10. Walmaro _ says:

    Back to school:
    Ned- Science teacher
    Zach-Health teacher
    Eugene-Art teacher
    Keith- Lunch lady

  11. sebster100 says:

    I think in a way this challenge is a setup for failure — the McDonald’s flavor can’t really ever be transformed because of how basic the availability of ingredients is. I think if you were given a basic spice rack, oil, butter, sugar then this challenge would be much more interesting.

  12. Mercedes McLaughlin says:

    “Your way more qualified than anyone in the video”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Kristin Whalen says:

    Wait.. isn’t it, “ba da ba ba ba”? Why are they saying, “da da da da da”??

  14. Person People says:

    U should do an apartment/house tour for each of the try guys

  15. Zoë Baker says:

    “i have a crippling fear of vomiting, and i’m afraid mcdonald’s will make me throw up.” as a fellow emetophobe i understand.

  16. X-24 says:

    That guy with the curly black hair must be a blast at parties

  17. nialee says:

    The DA DA DA ratings have me HOLLERRRINGGGG

  18. EmerinSoul says:

    this is what happens when Eugene and Ned leave Keith and Zach unattended for 2 weeks

  19. SandSHero says:

    loving the mini life crisis half way through

  20. Laura Bott says:

    everyone’s over here hating on alex but i thought he was funny lol

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