Can Melting 1,000 Lollipops Make One MASSIVE Lollipop?

Can Melting 1,000 Lollipops Make One MASSIVE Lollipop?

Today we’ll be attempting to make the biggest lollipop ever, by melting down over 1000 little ones.

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This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

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50 Responses

  1. snow ghost says:

    See what happens if you pour molten aluminium into honey/molasses

  2. thallok says:

    To successfully “melt” sugar, it must be fine-grained and stirred constantly with low intensity heat. To do this with lollypops, with the sticks still attached, would probably be next to impossible. The term “melt” is really a misnomer. Sucrose (table sugar) decomposes into fructose and glucose at 366.8°F without first melting.

  3. DUxMORTEM says:

    Why not just do it with hard candies seeing as the only difference is the stick and the stick seems to be the problem…

  4. Danilo Pinheiro says:

    Try melting Skittles and making a giant Skittle.

  5. Jimmy Almaguer says:

    Raindrop dropped top cooking the lollies in the crock pot

  6. electronicsNmore says:

    Wondering if these two have become a couple off camera. 🙂

  7. John Bovee says:

    Easiest way I’ve fount to melt down Hard Candies without burning them is a double boiler with a little water in the Main Pan

    • Ray Allen Villanueva says:

      The small amount of water in the main pan can help avoid the candy to burn that’s why you really did an efficient way to melt it congrats

    • RBabik Ii says:

      +Ray Allen Villanueva do you people like get off on stating the blatantly obvious?

    • Jonathan Edwards says:

      That’s what I said. The chemical composition of sucrose is basically carbon and water. Therefore, they were just tasting the bitter carbon

    • Búi Helgason says:

      But… But sugar melts at 150 degrees celcius.
      But I believe ya’

  8. Chrisha Gonzales says:

    Hi guys can u melt a bunch of candy canes to and turn it into a giant lollipop or the opposite like melting a bunch of lollipops to make a giant candy cane lol love you guys and really hope you see this

  9. Kayden Rodgers says:


  10. pruthvi raj says:

    you guys should try to separate the candy from those sticks and then you can melt it as you like.

  11. pruthvi raj says:

    Guys, try to do something interesting. You could try ” A giant sugar rocket with multiple small sugar rockets in it. after launching the giant one, the small sugar rockets inside that will spread all the way.” I hope you guys can do this.

  12. Grenadiel says:

    What did you expect? That the sticks will flow on the surface? hahaahah I can’t

  13. ABODE G4MER says:

    Make another one without sticks and separate the colors pls

  14. Rocco Siffredi says:

    I clicked on this thinking it would be satisfying. Then you left the sticks in -_-

  15. Marty Clinger says:

    How much did the electric bill cost?

  16. Shiphrah Roshini Thomas says:

    Redo this please without the sticks and a double boiler!

  17. Jaival bodalwala says:

    How about melting aluminium foil and then recasting it.

  18. joshx413 says:

    I miss builds. There’s been so many random “experiments'” lately. I guess you’re staying true to your name though.

  19. Nidaa vlogs says:

    Who is also bugged by the fact that they didn’t remove the sticks

  20. Birtycle 204 says:

    Do it again but remove the sticks

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