Can Scientists and Religious Leaders See Eye to Eye?

Can Scientists and Religious Leaders See Eye to Eye?

Scientists and religious leaders come together to find middle ground in exploring their worldviews.
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110 Responses

  1. Iconic says:

    Omg i love this series like its so eye-opening on both sides

  2. Camilo Cowo says:

    Who else instantly clicked when they were watching another youtube video

  3. Neze Ekowa says:

    Ok I understand the concept behind this video but can’t there be people of faith who are into science though. Just because your religious didn’t mean that u don’t believe in science and vice versa

    • Fiza Shaikh says:

      +Geofanny Yohanes yes, that’s exactly what I mean. Evolution is restricted to a few physical traits, the fact that humans evolved from monkeys to what they are right now is false, atleast to me.

    • Lily S-H says:

      Neze Ekowa Many parts of the bible are metaphorical, so why not creation? Creation does not necessarily disprove evolution and that the bible is against it.

    • Fire Bolt says:

      Fiza Shaikh humans didn’t evolve from monkeys. If u were paying attention during biology class u would know that us and monkeys have a common ancestor, but we aren’t directly related. We have evolution because it’s the only way our race can survive. Without it, we wouldn’t have things like a conscience, bigger brain, opposable thumbs, and many more things.

    • Fiza Shaikh says:

      +Fire Bolt yes, I was paying attention in my Biology class, thank you very much. All I’m trying to say is that humans were never monkeys/chimpanzees/whatever you think they were. Humans were always humans, with the same organs and capacity, just with different genetic orders.

    • Geofanny Yohanes says:

      +Fiza Shaikh there is no such restriction. It is logical that a few minor changes given enough time will add up to a big change and we have observed this happen.

  4. Pan says:

    I’m really curious about the reconstructionist Rabi, maybe she is just culturally/socially jewish but I dont see her as religious

    • Eliran Sobel says:

      +Shlomo Tusk I mean, sort of. He writes, ״לידע שיש שם אֱלוֹקַ…וליחדו״ (משנה תורה, מצוות עשה, א-ב). How you interpret that can vary. Reconstructionists can say that yes, “there is a God, and unity in God,” but their conception of God isn’t the same as that of חז״ל and incorporates scientific reasoning.

    • naftali safanov says:

      She couldn’t be a rabbi

    • LaVioletaAmatista says:

      Ezzy being Jewish is genetic and religious. Some are both (like me), some are one of them. some people break it down into cultural and social as well but I’d put that under the religious “umbrella” because the cultural/social traditions come from Judaism even if you aren’t super religious (like me).

    • Mohamed Redha says:

      She is an Atheist rabbi. Atheism is a belief and many of its followers disguise themselves as “religious” people in order to misguide religious people.

    • reina nique says:

      Jewish ppl are different from christians. They believe in god but do not believe in a human coming back to life such as Jesus. They probably view god a bit differently just like any other religion

  5. Deniel Mowatt says:

    I’m shocked they didn’t have a biologist there

  6. Grace Sarah says:

    Please do ‘Born into wealth VS. Born into poverty’

  7. FinTheHuman says:

    What exactly is a Rabbi? Arent they teachers of Judaism? Tbh what the Rabbi woman said didnt sound like Judaism.. Can someone explain?

  8. Whiyu says:

    I feel like this was the most mature middle ground I’ve seen so far lol

  9. John Matarweh says:

    I love how they were all polite to each other and allowed themselves to have a real conversation

    • Is Houston says:

      Inebriatd Yeah, I’ve always had this perception of religion as kind of denial and fear of death, (even though I knew I was kind of wrong), but this video really shows me how calm and fine with scrutiny plenty of religious people are. They aren’t religious for the point of fearing death, they’re religious to find peace and happiness in a life they can’t control. I guess. But also, I do think some scientist can quite obviously be assholes. Since they are searching “for the factual truth of the world”, they might act like they’re smarter, better, more intellectual than the religious people. I was scared every time the religious people brought up the supernatural, and the ocean and waves metaphor, that the scientists would laugh, tear it down, make fun of them, and an argument break out. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised by the respectfulness the scientists showed towards the lives and views of the religious people. I guess.

    • Daniel Harper says:

      +Is Houston These religious leaders were possibly calm because they couldn’t use the typical logical fallacies and debunked apologetics on people that have real world answers to those “wonderment questions” we’ve all heard from pastors and others. Pastors regularly speak from a position of authority to parishioners who haven’t EVER read their own religious texts. Scientists constantly debate with people who are well versed in (experts) in the topics at hand. The rabbi, monk & pastor couldn’t have mounted a real defense even if they tried. It would have been tedious to watch.

      I’ll frame it for you:

      The Pastor starts on an argument from design. Then the geologist/biologist would give multiple citations of peer reviewed studies and explain human chromosome 2 and then that destroys the whole Adam and Eve to Noah’s Ark story.

      The religious leaders were pleasant because they had no ammo against a learned audience.

    • Chicken Stripz says:

      +ChonosTack you just destroyed the harmony of this reply forum.

    • Shadow Zaron says:

      +Chicken Stripz nah he can’t destroy it if we don’t let him

    • Is Houston says:

      Daniel Harper I mean, it could just be that they aren’t assholes. But that’s up for debate.

  10. FinTheHuman says:

    I wish they’d release the uncut versions of these videos too

  11. Abraham Tozier says:

    I don’t think God and Science are mutually exclusive. I see them as intertwined. God and Science both have aspects that we as people can’t understand as of yet and may never be able to. When I think of God I see the Universe and when I think of the Universe I see God.

    • Bethany Howell says:

      To all of you saying there is no room for belief in science, just think, isn’t the big bang theory a belief? No one was there to see it, it is not testable or tangible, so, by its name, it is purely a theory/belief

    • A man says:

      ​+vottoduder Yes. People have assumptions and beliefs and people do the science. For example, so far physicist have assumed that spacetime is fundamental to reality but that might have been false assumption.

    • Adrianna Nelson says:

      rachel You are proving my point exactly, hopes and wishes. You believe in God because you want to believe in God. You like to hope that you will go somewhere when you die and hope that someone will listen to you when you’re in a time of need. Without this hope there is no desire for the religion.

      Science is based on what we can virtually see or what can be tested thus theorized. Based on our scientific research and data, there is nothing to support an all powerful and all knowing creator or afterlife. I do not put faith in something just because it sounds favorable to me.

    • Adrianna Nelson says:

      Bethany Howell The Big Bang is a theory supported by quantum physics and plethora of scientific research and data. Plus people don’t put their faith in the Big Bang and worship it, they simply think it may be a plausible concept.
      A belief in God is not supported by anything except a book written years ago and many imaginations.

    • Avratin says:

      +rachel I feel so sorry for you. A damaged girl thinks the only way she can be happy and accepted is through joining a cult and believing all the fairy tales in their book. You’re just reciting bible nonsense, why should anyone ever think it’s factually true? So basically god created us as sinners or at least with a strong capacity and will to sin, then when we sin but don’t believe in him/ accept him we go to hell for eternity, a place that he created. So we’re unwilling participants in a sick eternal game, and the only way we can get a favorable outcome is to worship the sociopath who created the game. But let’s not forget that God sent his son who was also himself down to earth to be murdered so that we can sin as much as we want as long as we say sorry before we die. And he did this human sacrifice only 2000 years ago when countless generations of humans had already lived and died before that, so they were all doomed? Like I said, if you’re right this existence is a sick game that we are unwilling participants of, created by a narcissistic sociopath.

  12. jeremy owen says:

    Not sure that Rabbi is religious tho, i see it as 4 scientist and 2 religious leaders.

    • Jacob Feit Mann says:

      +Ace You are correct – Jewish people follow the old testament. But that means different things to different Jewish people. For Orthodox people like me, a lot of the texts are taken much more literally. But other Jews follow the morals of the Torah while considering it mostly metaphorical. Also, not every Jew believes that the Torah was given by God to Moses, and yet they still follow many of the teachings within it. I’m not going to continue arguing with you after this, as you cannot teach me, a Jew who has been in Jewish schools since I was 3, and have spent my life around all sorts of Jewish people, what is and isn’t Jewish.

    • Jacob Feit Mann says:

      +Ace please do yourself a favor and Google reconstructionist Judaism. It exists.

    • Ace says:

      Jacob Feit Mann I never said it didn’t exist. I said that going against what your religion teaches isn’t that religion. There is nothing wrong with practicing different things within a religion at all. In fact it what makes this world great, but that makes it a totally different thing. If the Torah and Old Testament both say there is a God that created everything, then someone says that isn’t true then that isn’t Judaism. Abram became the father of Jews because he submitted to God. If reconstructional Jews say God doesn’t exist, then they aren’t Jewish. It’s not that hard to understand. There aren’t sub groups of Muslims who say Allah isn’t real because then they wouldn’t be Muslim. And that goes for any other religion as well

    • LaVioletaAmatista says:

      Ace me being Jewish has nothing to do with religion. It’s apart of my blood, it’s apart of my family history. reading a book doesn’t make a you a Jew and to say that it does is absolutely ludicrous.

    • Som Ebody says:

      +Rhinopocalypes Yes, I was hoping there would be a Muslim Imam that is traditionalist because that would be quite different from the rest, as us Muslims take our book word for word to be fact. Idk if it’s because I’m Muslim but I think Islam and its followers are very different from other religions in the sense that the people who follow it prioritize it far more in their lives. ( I really hope this did not come off as offensive )

  13. OneExperience Music says:

    Teenagers Vs Adults pleasee

  14. Oxy Phine says:

    Hardest sit down would be vaccinations and anti-VAX
    Please do it!

  15. Queen Katara says:

    Science explains how things work but not why, religion explains why things work but not how. They answer different questions for human understanding and are not in conflict unless you make them in conflict.

    • Logen M says:

      But the thing is though, religion doesn’t necessarily explain the “why”. It’s just one way of looking at a possible why because of the lack of knowledge on a subject. Kinda like that one experimental theory of objects only existing when being observed and they disappear when they are not observed. What we do know is that the objects are there and exist but what we don’t know is what happens to them when we aren’t looking at them and them “disappearing” is speculation. Just like having a god(s) exist is a speculation that can certainly be probable but the possibility is almost highly unlikely unless you think of god as aliens from other planets.

    • Qrowzy says:

      Yo where were them dinosaurs in the bible

    • hernandezlemus3 says:

      Religion don’t explain anything lol!!!!!

    • Megan says:

      Lola Tester There’s a lot of logic in Christianity! Historical facts, and philosophy! It’s actually really logical to be a Christian, if you have the knowledge that’s what leads to faith! It’s not just faith alone. Just some personal insight from a Christian 🙂 I’ve certainly had doubts but from my eyes, it’s so logical that I can’t unsee it

    • Shaimaa Abdalla says:

      maybe you got the wrong reigion. +MiraMe. search the answers in other religions to make sure your point is true.

  16. Nicholas Earns says:

    By far the most mature, open, and understanding middle ground IMO.

  17. WPH says:

    Can we appreciate the beauty of the Buddhist minister?

  18. Anastaciacl18 says:

    The pastor and the Buddhist are hot. Now I will finish watching the video just had to say this first .

  19. Jubilee says:

    Middle Ground is back!! Thanks everyone for watching this highly requested episode. As always, we are not saying science and religion necessarily have to exclude each other – there are religious scientists out there! Instead, we are exploring two sides that society often pits against each other in hopes of finding middle ground #radicalempathy. Let us know in the comments below what future episodes you’d like to see!

    • Victoria Sora says:

      This episode was so intriguing! Thank you so much!

    • ishan bajpai says:

      There should have been someone from Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma).

    • DeathStorm 791 says:

      Do ESports and Sports plz

    • Beaver Ones says:

      A scientist being religious doesn’t mean that science and religion doesn’t have to exclude eachother. There are religious scientists but they don’t have a scientific basis for it. The reason they are religious is because like most other people they were raised in that way. If there were scientific evidence for religion we would all know about it but there is not. Religion should be for your own mind only, don’t try to bring it into how we deal with real problems in the real world.

    • Jack Abbott says:

      i find it funny how the religious ones hesitate a moment before coming forward

  20. Rebelle says:

    This was very enlightening and eye opening

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