Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye?

Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye?

Teens and their parents come together to discuss their relationships with technology and each other.
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105 Responses

  1. ThePokestopPapi says:

    Its bouta get spicy

    Nvm. I was wrong lol.

  2. Ayman Nadeem says:

    preferred if they did this with non related children/parents

  3. That.Girl_Jayla :3 says:

    Sis said 39 plus 1? 0:43

  4. LazyPotato ;-; says:

    I think this is a really good idea but maybe you can do it a second time with strangers.
    So no parent-teen situation but a adult-teen conversation:)
    But still great video! Keep the good work up!?

  5. Alianger says:

    These teens aren’t outta control, that’s no fun

    • corinthia Long says:

      There sooooo boring

    • Reem says:

      They could be lying

    • MsDudette21 says:

      Because they are with their parents obviously. Like they were going to be raw with them and risk getting in trouble when they get home. We don’t know what their relationships are really like. The British family are the only ones who were obviously close. The other two were obviously not as close as they could be hence their nervousness and vague answers.

    • TheSnowFoxParty says:

      This ain’t Dr. PHIL LOL

    • Garnet Fusion says:

      Kids who are out of control go partying, get drunk, and get pregnant/get someone pregnant without their consent. now *THAT’S* no fun.

  6. Opinions About says:

    I feel like the kids didn’t express themselves truthfully because they didn’t want to get their parents mad

  7. badboje says:

    16 year old flying a plane? Dang.

  8. Daniel Harper says:

    Did anyone else notice that during the 1st question the father stated that “teens think that they know everything” right after the teens said to his face that they have plenty to learn? His bias needs to go out of the window.

    • Daniel Harper says:

      +Valeria Vagapova   Not only are you making a gross generalization, but you’re ignoring that these teens all bemoaned just how much they themselves still need to learn. In direct contradiction to your previous claims.

      Besides, the reason for the yes and no votes could simply be the generational divide. The same as how Baby Boomers and Generation X more often than not have vastly opposing viewpoints on most social and political topics.

    • Valeria Vagapova says:

      @Daniel Harper It’s not a “gross generalisation”, but simply observation of the trends and mechanisms in which human mind works. There’s nothing gross about it. The teens are lovely and seem to have very healthy and nice mindsets for their age. It’s not gross to acknowledge that humans that had decades more of experience on this earth are different from teens; it’s only natural and the beauty of life.
      In the context of my comment and the metaphor these teens would be at the “late teens” or “graduate student”: they are self-aware enough to know they don’t know everything, but haven’t been challenged by life as many times as their parents yet. Which is a great thing.

    • God of Beans says:

      The thing is we consciously know that we know less we just act like we know more

    • I Ded says:

      Vive.Vive no we don’t

    • M Ed says:

      It felt like they heard two different questions. I agreed with the teens. Just through living life, you have more experiences thus knowing more as you’re older. It’s like the parents heard “Being older means you know everything”.

  9. Telaya Jackson 2.0 says:

    I like how Jubilee got parents and teens communicating with each other, but I was hoping adults and teens as strangers and the parents as viewers.

  10. Townes Jones says:

    Would have been better if the teenagers and parents weren’t related so it could be about less personal issues and more about perceptions of the world

    • Imani Price says:

      Agreed. I thought that’s what they were going to do.

    • Layla109 says:

      Even if they did strangers, wouldn’t the teens need their own parents permission? Who’s to say the parent wouldn’t watch the video later, making the teens feel handcuffed still?

    • Townes Jones says:

      Layla109 I guess I’m not meaning more scandalous questions necessarily it’s just this felt a bit like a family counselling session and I think it would’ve been a lot more interesting to hear about general world views from each generation

    • Kakugen says:

      You do realise teenagers need consent right? Much more deeper questions isn’t ethical to doing a video w/ teens at 16.

    • Townes Jones says:

      Kakugen of course of course they should get parental permissions etc but young people have a lot of interesting thoughts about the world and I just though it’d be cool

  11. L b says:

    The teens probably didn’t speak their mind because their parents were there. They live with each other. That’s got to affect their answers.

    • Nathnael Fida says:

      Which is why it wouldve been better if it was with strangers

    • m̺e̺g̺a̺n̺ j̺a̺n̺n̺i̺n̺g̺ says:

      i know it would change my answers a lot.

    • Shitty Pony OC Recolor says:

      L b Aye, the allure of this middle ground series is that the two groups brought in have never been able to get into a discussion otherwise.

    • Amber Hart says:

      L b AMEN I agree fully. You live with your parents 24 7 your not going to tell them something that could ruin your relationship. And it would of just been better with strangers

    • Isabel says:

      agree, but I feel like this video’s purpose was to get closer to eachother no? even if the answers were affected, it still met the video’ goal to a certain extent. although I hope theres another episode on this with strangers, you could notice sometimes when the parent went up their child felt a bit pressured to agree? maybe I read things wrong but its personally how I saw it.

  12. Ryan Cesar says:

    6:20 Teens have a hard enough time coming out to their parents about their aspirations and feelings (let alone the fact they’re doing it on camera) and this guy rolls his eyes at his daughter. Either that’s just a normal habit of his or he’s being a real prick.

  13. Skankhunt 42 says:

    Must have been an awkward ride home

  14. Investing Hustler says:

    Quick answer , Nope !

  15. Ashley says:

    “i build robots”
    “i fly planes”
    “i do music”

    me: i spend most of my weekends binge watching. my record for not getting up is 16 hours

  16. J932 says:

    I was looking forward to this one but it disappointed me, I’d like to see another one where the participants weren’t related and where the questions were more about the general issues in the world

  17. Miranda Garcia says:

    These aren’t the right people for this video ?

  18. ItsSimplySe says:

    This was ok, but since these are their OWN PARENTS I don’t feel it was as open as it could have been. I suggest a remake with non related parents and teens.??

  19. raviolii says:

    i don’t think we’re less innocent. our parents were smoking, having sex, and drinking all the same.

  20. Ayantu Bedaso says:

    Ayyy I commented they should do this and they said they would but they actually did???(but they should’ve done it w/out there biologicall parents because there not really going to argue with there parents and they should’ve made it more deep)

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