Can The Electoral College Stop Donald Trump?

Can The Electoral College Stop Donald Trump?

Breaking Down How Donald Trump Won The U.S. Election

Hillary Clinton supporters are turning to the Electoral College in efforts of avoiding a Trump presidency. Does Clinton still have a chance?

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TIME: What Happens if Faithless Electors Swing the Results?

The Washington Post: How a ‘Faithless Elector’ in Georgia Could Cost Donald Trump an Electoral College Vote Whig Party

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Written by: Jules Suzdaltsev
Edited by: Alex Estevez
Produced by: Cailyn Bradley, Semany Gashaw & Lauren Ellis

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20 Responses

  1. Joseph Stalin says:

    Hillary couldn’t even beat the worst US candidate in history.

  2. Riotchock says:

    cant people just accept that they lost?

  3. Don J Trump says:

    This type of protest should have happened against Hillary when she rigged
    DNC and stopped Bernie.

  4. SenseAddict says:

    you have more popular votes but only win 5 states, how is this fair

  5. neil lim says:

    Please don’t. He won fair and share. Deal With it.

  6. Truth Prevails says:

    Best Trump’s statement
    I will treat Muslims in same way That of non muslims are treated in muslim
    countries. Now that explains the butthurt of Mullas

  7. Ronaldo Frias says:

    I am a Liberal, but come on. Trump won. Give this orange idiot a chance.
    Though I see a much worse administration under him than Dubya.

  8. Papa Francesco says:

    I truly have faith in humanity, i do. We’ve come far from where we started
    and we’re not done yet, we’ve reached the point where people can choose
    their leaders without having to think twice about being murdered. However,
    shit like this makes me lose hope, you can’t just riot and whine because
    your candidate lost an election, that threathens the entire core of
    democracy. The people chose, deal with the results.

  9. Sanātana Dharma says:

    Can The Electoral College Stop Donald Trump?
    DO That, And USA Collapses

  10. Ironsides says:

    This is what the elite are trying to do with Brexit in the UK…

  11. Collin Van Der Grond says:

    USA… Even after voting u still don’t know who you want as a president…

  12. crazetigerz says:

    I do not like donald trump ,but he won fairly and We should accept it so we
    can actually make America great again by cooperating with him

  13. Señor Mauricio says:

    I am a liberal, but he won, stop complaining and protesting. For all we
    know he could be a good president.
    EDIT: I don’t at all like Trump, and I’m a supporter of protesting and free
    speech. I think it’s just stupid to protest this, nothing will change, he
    won’t step down. I just want to see what Trump will do before calling him
    shit and protesting him.

  14. RigginVeggies says:

    Cry me a river…
    liberal tears ? are so sweet?

  15. DVK Leary says:

    This is what is happening in the UK, they’re trying to stop Brexit.

  16. Sam Barkley says:

    Liberals hate democracy when it doesn’t go their way. in other words,
    liberals hate democracy.

  17. Turtle Arcade says:

    Didn’t complain when Hillary had the popular vote vs Obama tho…

  18. Kebab Remover says:

    Progressive liberals leftist be like: We will vote untill our candidate win

  19. The Savior says:

    If you think about it, the 3 million signatures aren’t even a lot.

  20. Die Ber says:

    United States… Land of the people who think they are free