Can These Chefs Create These Twin’s Magical Feast?

Can These Chefs Create These Twin’s Magical Feast?

Tasty Chefs Alix and Alexis compete to turn twins Drew and Carter’s wizard drawing into a delicious, real-world dish. Whose dish will slay the dragon?

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90 Responses

  1. yuno says:

    Hey people scrolling through the comment section…

    Have a great day, you’re wonderful !

  2. Marie L says:

    These kids are so well-behaved and lovely.

    • Jayce Beck says:

      so cool

    • K G says:

      You can tell they are now using β€˜professional’ kids used to being filmed, before they were using β€˜real’ kids of producers that really messed up the competition (the SPICY kid that lied lol) and I love this format way more! No offense to the non-professional kids of course they’re just having fun πŸ˜›

  3. _Bob McCoy says:

    *Dream Dish: Bacon topped with Bacon*

  4. samiksha swayambhu says:

    who is missing rie?!

  5. Claudia Ivy says:

    Whoever is reading this i hope you have a reason to Smile today 😊
    I truly wish YOU a wonderful Day πŸ’–.

  6. Tinele Plays says:

    Replace the kid with Gordon Ramsay, and that’s when the challenge really begins.

  7. Sha&Shan DIY says:

    We love this series! ❀️

  8. Akanksha And Aditya Singh says:

    The cutest twins with the tastiest dish and the most beautiful drawing.

  9. Captain Max says:

    Alix is very cute girl😊😊😊 well funny too πŸ˜‚… Isn’t she?

  10. Bernize Sales says:


  11. Sophie Franklin says:

    Do more I draw you cook episodes I love them

  12. Andrea Chloe says:

    At least not only kids laugh when bottles make fart or burp sounds

  13. Huixuan says:

    Bring Rie back the next episode please!! ^_^

  14. KuroiYuki88 says:

    This is a fun match, both Alix and Alexis are so competitive in a good way……. *squirts BBQ sauce* *lol*

  15. Kristie The Fairy says:

    Also, remember, just cuz a child said they like somethin, they might not actually like itπŸ˜‚
    Remember the stew and flopgrop thing incidentπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  16. Spixio Studios says:

    i love myself, even though i look like a burnt chicken nugget, i still love myself

    • Z. B. says:

      That vine always bummed me out a little because you know some asshole in that kid’s life said that to him. But good on him for getting past it lol

  17. ruaa hassan says:

    I think Rie was done with kids not liking her amazing dishes.

    • SonarSwag says:

      ruaa hassan I think it was kind of Rie’s fault they didn’t like her dishes. She’s very sophisticated but she should’ve tuned that down. However, she didn’t take into account she was dealing with a kid. Like in the first episode where only Alexis cooked; the kid said he likes spicy foods so Alexis only uses a little spice, and even that was too much.

    • Sohela g says:

      I think they should bring smart kids

    • twinkharrylwt says:

      Sohela g smart kids is a vage statement as these kids are 7 and have so much to learn maybe they are the brightest or their class you can’t know that with a video and all people are smart in different ways

  18. Jennifer K. Graf says:

    I was like: Why did they put him in the thumbnail twice πŸ˜‚

  19. mure shawol says:

    *Can we have Rie VS Alexis episode please??*
    Don’t get me wrong I love Alix too😊 but both Rie and Alexis are very creative and their dishes look fabulous in terms of presentation tooπŸ’— so I guess it’ll be a great cook off to see😍
    Btw I’m team Rieβœ‹πŸ’–

  20. Anika Talyan says:

    I like Rie and all but Alexis is also funny and nice too.

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