Can These Chefs Turn This Alien Drawing Into Real Food? • Tasty

Can These Chefs Turn This Alien Drawing Into Real Food? • Tasty

Tasty Chefs Hannah and Katie compete to turn Zachlewis’ alien drawing into delicious, real-world dishes. Which one will be truly out of this world?

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51 Responses

  1. CheyEpi 12 says:

    NASA : HI
    Kid: I am an alien specimen specialist

  2. Blupp Jelly says:

    0:08 “take me to your leader
    YEET (dabs)”

    What is this generation

  3. Andrew Creighton says:

    “Take me to your leader… YEET!”
    0:08 Edit:I’m dead ?

    • Dante I’ll be weary says:

      Andrew Creighton
      Rip my heart
      (I had a mini heartattck)
      No really I half cringed to death

  4. Zaid Nawsath says:

    My man dabbed and said “YEET” at the same time?THIS IS AN ALPHA MALE

  5. justme jb says:

    zach: i want cheese for the moon dust. hannah: moon dust is cookies

  6. Minmin Ma says:

    Katie: “Just like, can nobody look at me right now?”
    Camera Man: **zooms into her hands**

  7. Rain says:

    Kid wanted cheese and he got cookies…
    Edit: Why do all these kids that are older than 7 act so professional it kinda bothers me smh

  8. Hello I’m a weirdo says:

    “Hannah has such an advantage! She has two kids!”

    “Katie has such an advantage! She doesn’t have two kids!”

  9. garrfields says:

    Kid: hey I am allergic to sweets so make sure not to put any sweets

    Chefs: he’s just saying that, what he really wants is sweets

  10. Asha Marion says:

    40% of comments Yeet dab
    40% he wanted spicy
    10% where is Rie
    10% making comment percents

  11. Owl says:

    I want to see Alvin and Rie do an “I Draw you Cook”

  12. CornerGD :3 says:

    Chefs : What is that flavor?

    Kid : Spicy

    Chefs : Okay, I’m making this sweet.

  13. Drum Den says:

    Kid: let’s say they eat chunks of Jupiter!

    Me: Jupiter’s a gas giant… ??

  14. I C says:

    “Kids eat healthy! What would you like?”
    “Here is a ton of candy.”

  15. cactus says:

    when he judged her on the strawberries not being ripe enough i actually died ?

  16. Lauren Maiden says:

    “ We won’t let you down Zach! “
    You let him down by giving him sweets
    All he wanted was savory.

  17. xOticz 1 says:

    Kid: I want it to be savory and spicy with moon dust
    Chefs: Moon dust? Did you say nerds?

  18. Illogically Logical says:

    Chefs: What flavour do you want?
    Kid: Spicy
    Chefs: Got it! *grabs a sugar packet* It’s gonna be a sweet treat!

  19. Eva Watson says:

    Kid: *I think they are going to put white cheese for the stardust*

    Nobody: Savoury

  20. Aishwarya Mahadik says:

    This idea of ‘I Draw, You Cook’ is just amazing ? Waiting for S2 E3

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