Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal In A Microwave? • Tasty

Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal In A Microwave? • Tasty

Despite only using a microwave oven to reheat food, Chef Alexis deBoschnek attempts to create a delicious 3-course meal that will impress her new boss.

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51 Responses

  1. Jiro Taku says:

    i clicked so fast although… *why a microwave, thats pretty normal*
    30 seconds of the video: *OH OK SHE CANNOT RESEARCH. seems fair okk*

  2. Arsenia Ermizina says:

    me at the beginning of this, thinking ” I use a microwave for meals all the time, this should be easy”
    me at the end, “HOW DID YOU MANAGE TO MESS IT UP”

    • Questia says:

      She didnt research anything

    • TrapDaddyXOXO says:

      Same. I cook almost ALL my meals in the microwave! Eggs, hamburgers, you name it. This chick is spoiled! ???

    • Opal Isthebestever says:

      TrapDaddyXOXO really?! OMG

    • jost saayman says:

      +TrapDaddyXOXO how are you spoiled when you put in the effort to cook your food in an oven( or just not in a microwave). Its more work than using a microwave is, so she puts more effort in yet she’s spoiled?

  3. Brooklin Moore says:

    Alexis Cooks with coffee maker: amazing
    Cooks with clothing iron: amazing
    Cooks with microwave: …

    Edit: wow thx for the likes

  4. Jongin Is Holy says:

    I love how she killed it with the iron and the coffee maker but she keeps struggling to use the microwave.

  5. Tyler Mann says:

    This was hilarious but also informative!
    CHALLENGE: Give her only a waffle iron. I think that would be so interesting!

  6. A Random Cheesy Channel says:

    Just Have Mac Cheese For Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner.

  7. TheLadyBugg says:

    Everyone: MiCrOwAvE sHoUlDvE bEeN eAsY
    Me: those are just (micro)waves cooking those foods not actual heaaaatttt omggggg

    • TheLadyBugg says:

      +Kameko Miyamora my friend was explaining it to me when I brought this up to him and he talked about how microwaves pull apart the water molecules and creating heat instead of using self generated heat like the other products. I feel like BuzzFeed could’ve used this to inform the fellow viewer chefs why it did this and wouldn’t be as effective as the others

    • Kameko Miyamora says:

      +TheLadyBugg well, if Buzzfeed doesn’t educate, Chef Ramsey would haha He can always tell when something has been microwaved on Kitchen Nightmares cause the quality of the food sucks, or it isn’t hot internally. I have a microwave (like most people, I know), but I avoid using it as much as possible. I’ll even rewarm foods on the stove or in the oven when I can. Even if its something that has microwave directions, I would use the stove or oven cause it would taste better. I only really use it to warm or rewarm things that only need 30-60 seconds, or microwave popcorn of course.

    • ThaT gIrL says:

      But…I cook with microwave …

    • ThaT gIrL says:

      After watching the video I think the microwave got some problems

  8. Andrea Flores says:

    I felt so bad for her. Everything went wrong, but she powered through it, so good for her.

  9. Savage Yoongi says:

    Coffee maker: easiest
    Microwave oven: hardest
    _who knew?_

  10. Angie Barrios says:

    I live for the moment of realization in her face at 12:50 she’s like having a mental breakdown.

  11. jae bojing says:

    iron: yes
    coffee machine: yes
    microwave ye- oh

  12. null 00 says:

    Coffee machine: *DONE*
    Iron: *DONE*
    Microwave oven: *DONE*
    Next on tasty: can this chef made 3 courses with a dishwasher??

  13. Zarish Ahmed says:

    Microwave doesnt exactly dry food, it only makes it more soggy so maybe thats why its challenging

  14. Ethan Rigo says:

    Iron and Coffee machine: *I got this*
    Actual microwave : *I don’t got this*

  15. A Lee says:

    I feel like it would have gone better had they given her a 1200W microwave instead of the 900W. But either way I think that was best case scenario lol. Good job!

    • Felix Rubenbauer says:

      Wait. Americans do use Watt as well? I thought they‘d use something like Farenheit-Squarefeet-Miles.

    • Victor Molina says:

      +Felix Rubenbauer Wow, hilarious so funny, I’m laughing my ass off. I’m rolling on the floor laughing. This joke is making me laugh out loud.

  16. Dark Raven says:

    Gordon Ramsay: DID YOU SAY MICROWAVE!?

  17. Kiara Faraway says:

    am i the only one amazed how she holds the containers a RIGHT AFTER the beep ?!?

    that’s hOT!

    • Abeciana says:

      I was also wondering! She must be so used to heat whenever she’s cooking

    • Ebonuan says:

      She pokes into hot food all the time, last episode she checked if things were done by almost touching the ironing plate.

  18. His Afro-Vegan Journey says:

    *“How to Cook a three-course Meal in a Microwave “*

    *College student:* * takes notes *

    5 minutes in…

    *College Student:* “ummmmm, ramen it is!”

  19. InfamousToxinz says:

    Next Video: Making a 3 Course meal with a campfire

  20. Yapplepaca _ says:

    ( 9:50 )
    To all the children watching
    Don’t eat with knives like Alexis
    Don’t get ideas

    Well done Alexis

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