Can Two Chicago Style Pizzas Protect an iPad Pro from a 100 FT Drop Test?

Can Two Chicago Style Pizzas Protect an iPad Pro from a 100 FT Drop Test?

iPad Pro + Chicago Style Pizza + 100 FT Drop = Epic drop test! We had a ton of fun drop testing the iPad Pro in between two super thick Chicago Style thick crust pizza! Check it out!

Can Flubber Protect an iPhone 6s from a 100 FT Drop Test?

Can Flaming iPhone 7s Survive a 100 FT Drop into a Kiddie Pool? –

Bonus video – Don’t Bake Your iPad Air 2 In a Home Oven! –

Thanks so much for watching everyone! You rock!

– Brandon

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20 Responses

  1. Akhil Sukhthankar says:

    You should put an iphone up your ass and jump off a building.

  2. IslandDude14 ! says:

    will a bag full of rice be able to protect an IPhone 6S from a 100 foot

  3. Square Squid Studios says:

    I would have dropped it on a tarp.
    Then you still get to eat the pizza after.

  4. Taylor Layman says:

    Now I want pizza ????

  5. The_Odd_One2 3 says:

    do a video of a Takis case drip

  6. Janina Perfecto says:

    I don’t get why he had to tell the lady what he was doing. Like just order
    the fucking pizza

  7. Socrates of Athens says:

    Don’t you just hate it when your iPad gets stuck between two large pizzas?

  8. chiccanekoCosplay says:

    as an Italian, I’m cringing for how that pizza looks lmao I never imagined
    it would look so different from the one that it’s made here

  9. Luke Hupp says:

    True Chicago style pizza has the sauce on top. What a phony

  10. MonsterXD says:

    Why u use food for this experiments when there is people who need this food
    more than u and your IPhone experiments!

  11. Aldrian Austria says:

    can you it the IPhone and put your self in an oven over 1000 degrees???
    lets see if its survives..

  12. Anurag Verma says:

    Pizza’s more durable than an iPad.

  13. Curlzz says:

    Kids InAfrica ??

  14. JerKKeR says:

    2:42 that guy could be TopTrends’ secret twin…

  15. Theodore Mittens says:

    I don’t know what you ordered but that is NOT Chicago style

  16. Noori Commando says:

    I’m so fucking hungry now

  17. Bryan Doyle says:

    A lot of people in the comments saying “don’t waste things!”, yet the video
    still has a massively positive like/dislike ratio.

  18. Kilo RapArtist says:

    What a waste. Some hungry kid in Africa could of been playing

  19. MilknCookiez says:

    Instead of doing useless shit with these apple products you should just
    give to the misfortuned

  20. Poseidon says:

    Why does this ugly cunt look like a knock-off Nick Swardson?