Can Water Fall Under Water?

Can Water Fall Under Water?

In today’s video we’re showing you how to make an a flowing “waterfall” underwater!

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77 Responses

  1. Nicole Demetrius says:

    So water is wet ? Like if it is

  2. Froakie897 says:

    Can Fire burn Fire?

  3. kremit the frog says:

    **cough** spongebob **cough**

    • ꧁DLC_PR016꧂ says:

      How do they use paper underwater?

    • Khakibog 2 says:

      Is this the Crusty Crab?

    • firfarent says:

      +Stephanie Harrad XD

    • terragaming says:

      actually the thing about spongebob is that there CAN be water underwater the water they use Goo lagoon,water buckets,glasses of water, etc is actually real in actual sea life and all it is is the water is darker and it flow differently because it has more salt since they live underwater on the sea floor a lot of salt builds up in pools and when you mix all of that salt with water the water becomes more dense therefore looking like water flowing underwater its a very often occurring phenomenon look it up its very interesting

    • Jdoge 21 says:

      Kremit leave now no sponge bob no coughing

  4. Sieger says:

    Can Water Fly Under Water when?

  5. Dobby says:

    Cast your thumb in silicone and try to unlock a smartphone with the fingerprint scanner

  6. Can I get 1000 subscribers with 5 videos? says:

    But everybody knows that the real question is:


  7. Juliyan Mudrik says:

    When I saw this vid in my notifications I went to this video right away

  8. Carter Thomas says:

    Video idea: Try freezing bubbles in midair!

    • Jesse Ybarra says:

      I don’t see how that’s possible. When water freezes it expands. A bubble only has so much water in it that it will just pop. But if anyone is out there that knows, feel free to correct me. Anyways I love learning more.

  9. Undespised Gaming says:

    Could you try sand blasting liquid nitrogen dipped objects?

  10. Dan says:

    Wow guys, we went from turning microwave ovens into metal melters to letting sand fall in an aquarium.

  11. McCool Cates says:

    This comment will suffer from irrelevance, buuuuuut….

    Happy holidays y’all

  12. christian castillo says:

    Lol reminds me of “king of DIY” with joey who loves fish and aqua scaping, but who doesnt

  13. 011i3 L says:

    Do a test to see different ways to recharge batteries ?

    • Stevetheman2 [SCPF] Security Department. says:

      011i3 L Only a few batteries can be recharged, most use chemicals to store energy.

  14. a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming says:

    can glass break glass

  15. Original Pop says:

    Actually you can have a waterfall underwater without sand it happens naturally too, you just need saltwater and freshwater the saltwater will fall towards the ground because saltwater is heavier than freshwater.

  16. Dr. Pooch says:

    no offence at all but when u say “This person will be gaining us today” and then they stay for the next 15 videos, its a bit weird.

  17. Fяσѕтчиε says:

    I thought you were going to make heavy water with deuterium like Cody’s Lab did

  18. Gaming Limited says:

    No-one’s actually gonna do this, right?

  19. Poor Redneck World says:

    What if you did this with oil and water. ???? Fill tank mostly with mineral oil… Then enough blue collord water to pump. Of course it would be strictly a decorative piece. No ? but it would be cool

  20. Boardypie Duz Gaming says:

    Merry Christmas random person scrolling through the comments ?

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