Can We Believe Anything Trump Says?: A Closer Look

Can We Believe Anything Trump Says?: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump’s claims on wiretapping and the new Republican health care plan.
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Can We Believe Anything Trump Says?: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Dave SOLEMI says:

    Can’t even believe he’s president

  2. nhz013 says:

    yes, we need alternate facts to live and win BIGLY in alternate reality.

  3. Heracross X says:

    “Can We Believe Anything Trump Says?”

    Is this a trick question, Seth?

  4. Satrio Heru says:

    i am waiting for trump to just simply say ” Hail Hydra”, so everything will make more sense

  5. Spunky1991 says:


  6. tramp931 says:

    fake president

  7. Paul Semler says:

    im seeing red right now ?. impeach the peach!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tara Gostling says:

    I solely rely on A Closer Look to get all my news. Thank God they upload this beforehand.

  9. Hammond says:

    Q: Can we believe anything Trumps says?

    A: Hell no! The guy is made of lies.

  10. LordMichaelRahl says:

    Logan was awesome.

  11. jim spotswood says:

    GropenFuhrer Trump is not as bad as the shitty spineless Republican politicians who enable him.

  12. The way we were says:

    Um…… is America great yet?

  13. Brainstormer623 says:

    (3:35) Yeah, that little kid is Trump.

    And that guy with the white shirt is his inevitable impeachment.

  14. KingOfMadCows says:

    People won’t die in the streets, Trump will build special camps for that.

  15. spelunkerd says:

    I’m still trying to get my head around how 48 million average Americans support a party that proposed a law that will take billions of dollars from average Americans, and give it to the extremely wealthy. Perhaps the news may hit home when they find out they need to sell their inheritance to pay for Mom’s health care. I know that many of these people like to think for themselves, and they don’t favor government interference. But, this has to be a new kind of stupid….

  16. yannick says:

    One thing for sure, your president is very comical in a certain way…..

  17. kcthewanderer says:

    I don’t think any of them know the difference between pright and prong.

  18. Jarrod Baniqued says:

    Donald Trump is basically the worst combination of Republican presidents: the dangerous anti-poor economic policies, overblown patriotic rhetoric and senility of Reagan, the ego, divisive rhetoric, and paranoia of Nixon, the hypermasculine posturing of Roosevelt, the inarticulate-ness of Coolidge, the buffoonish image of Ford, the illegitimacy of Harrison, W. and Hayes, the cronyism of Harding, and the warlike tendencies of McKinley and both Bushes, all of which are regurgitated.

  19. Zbriu says:

    If you Americans (from USA) don’t put an end to this joke, USA will be the biggest republic of bananas in the world. It’s already the laugh of the world. How is it possible that, even today, there are still Trump supporters? What happened to this people? Aren’t they capable of thinking, like the rest of the humans?

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