Can We Find The Name Brand? (GAME)

Can We Find The Name Brand? (GAME)

We’ve been eating these condiments our whole lives, but can we actually find the name brand? GMM #1520

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86 Responses

  1. Kareem Fakhr says:

    It’s so weird watching a morning show at 1pm

  2. Linc The Log says:

    9:27 “do you want me to paint some on your face?”
    All the viewers have been waiting this whole time! ?

  3. Tyler Dunn says:

    waiting for “Will it Air Fry?”

  4. Clarque says:

    LET’S TALK ABOUT how Link is low-key looking like Waldo.

  5. thatguy dill says:

    I have been able to distinguish Heinz ketchup from any other ketchup since my toddler days

    • Joanna C says:

      Yup I’m from Pittsburgh and can’t stand anything else lol

    • Amanda Kaufman says:

      thatguy dill I thought I was the only one. When my high school cheapened out and switched to a different brand of ketchup packets I hated them cause they were major vinegar based and super acidic. It was disgusting, I’m Heinz all the way, always have and always will.

    • Dustin Reid says:

      +Amanda Kaufman add a little white sugar to take away the acidity 🙂

    • John deneau says:

      I live near the Heinz plant in Fremont Ohio, and i tell you hwhat. It is smelly as anything. But Heinz is the best.

    • Thebenjabaccagirl says:

      Me but with Mustard

  6. Lukas H says:

    Someone please do a Rhett “it’s good, man” and “I like that” compilation.

  7. Jordan H says:

    Watching them eat that mayo by itself made my stomach turn. Cow uterus is ok, but mayo..I can’t handle it

  8. Alayna Kincannon says:

    “Let me get the bitter section of your tongue.”

    *shoves paintbrush down Rhett’s throat*

    Me: ???

  9. Lara says:

    i feel SO validated by someone finally saying that La Choy tastes NOTHING like soy sauce. I thought my tongue was broken when i bought it on sale once

    • Jimmy Jones says:

      La Choy is American soy sauce…. Ewww…

    • Shir-Sure says:

      It is so gross

    • Vineyard -GHS- says:

      I upgraded my Amazon Prime to include international shipping so I could buy things like spices and sauces from the countries they come from. Without that shipping expense it actually cost me less than shopping at the local grocery store, and I know it doesn’t come with high fructose corn syrup in other garbage.

    • David Brow says:

      at first i thought you said la croix and i was very confused

    • 2980vand says:

      La Choy is also gluten free, it’s the one I use and I prefer it. The gluten free Kikkoman one tastes disgusting

  10. Laurie Owen says:

    Dang Link is sassy today! ? And the mustard tongue

  11. Vincent Gotthainer says:

    Food: *has taste*
    Link: “its the vinegar…”

  12. Critical Nobody says:

    Seems that being the name brand doesn’t count for much in terms of quality

  13. Jonathan Lastname says:

    Y’all need something to reset your palate. That way you won’t taint each sample and each sample will taste different. Maybe lemonade or something

  14. Akiatty says:

    “Paint my ? u doofus”
    ~link 2k19


  15. Jordan Cruz says:

    Watching 2 grown men eating multiple spoonfuls of mayonnaise 1st thing in the morning is definitely not helping this hangover.

  16. Cheyenne Dorsagno says:

    I’m quoting my favorite line from every episode Day 65: “DUPES??” Rhettandlink ™

  17. WhitDog WhatsUp says:

    *Since VINEGAR is the word of the day* …. can y’all please put stuff in vinegar for 30 days!?! I’ve been askin. Haha. Much Love Beasts ?✌?

  18. Dale Lemaster says:

    You should have Chef Ramsay on your show and have Josh cook for him with dollar store goods
    I’d appreciate if y’all made this happen

  19. Erndaworm says:

    Links description of every sauce “It’s very vinegary” ?

  20. TweakHard Greasington says:

    “Paint me like one of your French’s mustard boys”.

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