Can We Fix It?

Can We Fix It?

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When we last left our heroes, they found that their hard work had gotten them nowhere… Now, they need to figure out what went wrong…

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67 Responses

  1. Amy Sakalov says:

    Not going to lie guys, I find videos like these significantly more entertaining then your normal content and I have no idea why.

  2. Blood Carver says:

    Hire a professional IT technician with network focus and DOCUMENT all settings, passwords and usernames ^^.

    • TheReal_ist says:

      They probably will or try to. But Anthony is supposed to be that guy, but because they are short handed already because of Floatplane they made him do the arduous job of running and compiling benchmark data for the many videos that it needs to be in.

      So he’s strapped for time and therefore can’t do the job he was really brought into LMG for. Which is pretty funny but also pretty sad because it shows how short handed yet full the team is. Floatplane is really pushing LMG to its break with the costs and man power its taking. Wonder if something will break or will it all turn out to be just fine. Hmmmmmmmmmm

    • Vincent Kikkert says:

      +TheReal_ist floatplane media is a totally different company, they’re technically not allowed to be in the same building.

    • KevinMulia says:

      They use lastpass..
      No one remember anything

    • # says:

      where is the fun in that

  3. gwgux says:

    I’ve been there. The small business atmosphere that just rigs things up on the fly and it’s a nightmare when things don’t work and euphoria when things do work. Seeing this reminds me of those times and I don’t miss the chaos from it. Now a days when I’m putting in new switches or replacing routers, etc. it’s all so carefully planned out to the level of plug in cable X to port X and all my devices are fully configured before I mount them on the rack and bring them live. When things go wrong (I’m still not as perfect as I’d like to be), I usually know exactly what the problem is and how to fix it within minutes. I’ve learned to work smarter instead of harder so I can go home at a decent time.

    Get a network admin Linus. Either make someone internally the network admin and send them to training or hire someone new. Your network needs are higher than most companies your size. Fix it now before you loose more money in downtime over it.

    • Weihe Wang says:

      Your advice is simple and professional, but for entrepreneurs like them, this is a correct nonsense. If they have resources, talents, and funds, these are not problems, but the problem is that they are creating with the least resources. Possible more value.

    • Rannon says:

      +GifCo I totally disagree! Working smart so that you can go home to your life at a decent time doesn’t sound like having a boring life!

    • GifCo says:

      lol yes it does you moron!!! That is literally the definition of a boring life.

    • Rannon says:

      +GifCo In which reality is having a life worth getting home to “literally the definition of a boring life”?
      How exactly is spending more hours at work, away from your life, your definition of a fun life?
      Please do explain how spending more time with friends, family and hobbies more boring that working over-time!

    • GifCo says:

      Rannon – So you are saying your job (where you spend most of your waking hours) is so mundane you need to get home ASAP every day. Thats a SHITTY boring life. And I know for a fact someone in that situation isnt going home to enjoy their friends and hobbys. They are racing home to cook dinner and sit their fat ass on the couch for the night.
      Not everyone can love what they do (we have janitors after all) but in my eyes the definition of a boring life is what was explained in the OP’s comment.
      Successful happy people enjoy and even obsess over their work not spend valuable time figuring out how to do less of it.

  4. badbadbadkarma12 says:

    Jake was correct it was funny. That said, your issue with both the camera’s and the frying of a laptop would be due to the fact that POE isn’t technically standardized. There are actually two types of POE switches (plus proprietary procedures that only allow POE with Certain special devices) active which requires a signal to be sent to turn on the power, else it just uses regular Ethernet and passive. Passive is generally only used on low speed Ethernet, like most camera’s as it is extraordinarily cheap as instead of using dedicated power rails it simply sends power continuously over the non needed data lines. More likely than not, your camera’s simply were not made using the active protocol and couldn’t request the power. Passive also has the wonderful tendency to send power wherever the fuck it’s plugged into, which can fry things. If this happened to the laptop it should’ve simply shut the port off but if the port wasn’t made right, was damaged or had a bad driver it is possible to fry things with it. That said, most devices simply shut down rather than fry and most devices if they did fry would only fry the port. It’s also kind of a crapshoot as some POE switches say they are active and lie about it instead meaning that the port simply isn’t live without a data connection so you can’t shock yourself by say sticking your tongue into an open port and some simply lie. In general assume any 100mb Poe is passive and anything above is…. Probably active. Any expensive Poe though on a server or something would be active to prevent frying shut though which is why you needed to do this with each camera, which require passive.

    • Ironbuket says:

      A stopped clock is correct twice a day

    • Enrico Zaghini says:

      Wait a sec. Shouldn’t the internal transformer directly connected to the Ethernet jack in your device protect this kind of accidents? I’m quite sure the ESD protection won’t do anything because of the current, but the transformer should adapt the 48V coming from the PoE injector to the classic signaling voltage.

    • Bos Bientos says:

      802.3af and 802.3at bud. poe injectors are trash though

  5. Grigoris Paschalidis says:


  6. Ben Hollis says:

    My favorite part of this video:
    Linus: “And that is why you screw in VGA”
    Anthony: “Ahhhhhahahahaha!”
    Linus: “Shut up Anthony!!”

  7. The Great Eldian Empire says:

    have you tried to put it in rice?

  8. Hasan Ahmed says:

    Not one Bob thr builder joke
    I’m disappointed Internet

  9. That Guy says:

    If they ever fire Jake I’m unsubbing.

    • Jason Huang says:

      That Guy – Username checks out

    • That Guy says:

      Jake is the one who figured out the solution to the entire problem. Not to mention the fact that they’re coming in on a Sunday… I probably wouldn’t be taking my job too seriously if I had to be coming in on the weekend either.

    • Ironbuket says:

      +That Guy There’s no doubt that Jake was funny to watch, but in this particular case (For Linus) gaining video views for being funny is lower ranked in importance to getting the servers running again. I would advise Linus to get some external people in next time. This is what happens when the boss-employee relationship is too friendly – some take advantage. I had to oversee some work experience teenagers in a tech job and because i acted friendly with them they acted like Jake did most of the time also. There is a time and place to fool around. Im impressed that Linus managed to stay cool, or was him exploding just cut out?

      A mature person will do their job first and fool around second, an immature person will look for any way to fool around no matter how much work is available for them to get on with. There’s a reason most job descriptions include some clause about being able to self-motivate and work unsupervised. Doesn’t matter how good your skills are, if you are only productive when micro managed

    • David Bergner says:

      He’s annoying and acts like a kid. Please do fire him. I can replace him.

    • Howabout Notachance says:

      +David Bergner Wow. A kid who acts like a kid? How strange! I can’t wait until there’s an entire generation of people who never got to grow and develop because of short-sighted dickwads like you.

  10. Changxun Li says:

    “This video was uploaded to xxx”… u know it

  11. Joshua Larsen-Bradford says:

    I cackled when Anthony laughed at Linus not screwing in VGA

  12. Toni Esteban says:

    Jake tries to be funny way to hard in my opinion.

  13. Storm Hawks HD says:

    when they start putting the xvideos water mark at 12:51 LOL

  14. Baumy 15 says:

    I agree with Jake, POEing a laptop is pretty funny. If you used the new 802.11AF injectors you wouldn’t have had a problem. Also common sense would’ve helped, it’s clearly labeled “Poe”

  15. zcribe says:

    I like the Anthony, Linus dynamic.

  16. okänt okänt says:

    18:35 from now on i like Anthony , always thought he was kinda lame and serious, but damn dude has some zing!

  17. Suman 'Sam' Halder says:

    The amount of sexual innuendos in this video is applaudable.

  18. Hoss Cartwright says:

    Coding: “it’s not supposed to work but somehow it does”

    Networking: “it’s supposed to work but somehow it doesn’t”

    • CardCastle Studio says:

      +Kaleb Bruwer Just finishing up my BS Computer Sci. and will tell you that you will learn little to nothing about networking, databases or really coding in general. You will learn more doing tutorials and web based seminars than anything in school. If you want to learn C++, C#, Java, use a game engine.

      CSS, Ruby, Javascript, HTML5, XML just go to Udemy or Linkedin Or you can build your own website and have a different layout per page to show your understanding of the topics.

      Databases are a little different, but setting up a localized music, game or video server works well and you can do it on multiple OS using VMware which should be free through your school and the Microsoft Imagine Program.

    • Bill Anderson says:

      +Kaleb BruwerComputer Science is about teamwork, not network.

    • Gore Obsessed says:

      +BDBD16 yep

    • dylan berry says:

      Technology: “it’s suppose to work but doesn’t” I swear I think tech guys are just unlucky like somehow the universe knows we’re into tech and shits all of the tech problems onto us. I’ve had issues with things only to have my non tech friends walk up and and it works perfectly for them.

    • japzone says:

      I feel this in my soul.

  19. Vincent Lillis says:

    That Jake dude is like an annoying 10 year old that sits behind you kicking your chair on a plane and talking bollox all the time and you want to turn around and scream at him, but you can’t, because you’re an adult, and he’s just a lil moron.

  20. Plasmaboo says:

    Could this be done properly? Sure. But where’s the fun in that?
    These videos are by far the best ones. Not too scripted, video editing well done, tons of things happen, no artificial time filler, and plenty of comedic relief all around the video.
    It just feels very natural and entertaining, in contrast with the more scripted and predictable videos.
    Sure, it’s a video on how not to do things, but who really wants an informative video on networking? It’d be boring as hell. This on the other hand was really fun and entertaining.
    10/10 – that’s the content I subscribed for.

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