Can We Make A Dish Without Knowing The Ingredients?

Can We Make A Dish Without Knowing The Ingredients?

Alix and Rie team up to play a recipe game where a cook must figure out how to make a mystery dish using only verbal commands from an instructor, but there’s one problem: important key words are off limits.

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67 Responses

  1. Niemand says:

    why is Alix soo hot?

  2. Braeden McKean says:

    My favorite cooking duo!

  3. Ilhan-Jasmin Abdi Hirsi 7B Abildgårdskolen says:

    Rie is back i have missed her who Else has missed Rie☺️☺️☺️💛💛💛💛❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Thea Sofie Jonsson says:

    I love the combo of Alix and Rie!

  5. Jackie Wong says:

    <3 Rie is so good at cooking and is so funny! <3

  6. Sha&Shan DIY says:

    This seems so hard but fun to try! ❤

  7. Pumla Dada says:

    My fave Tasty producers ❤️

  8. Elias J. says:

    Alix reminds me of Kelly Clarkson for some reason

  9. Grace Chanyung chejoon says:

    Rie and Alex are my favourite tasty Duo

  10. faureamour says:

    This was awesome!! More Rie and Alix always. Keep doing this series! I would love to see the tables turned.

  11. RokuSakurai says:

    So whats the point of guessing the ingredients if Rie can See them nicely in Order and measured? It would have been so much funnier if she actually had to find the stuff and measure it herself…

    • ljooni says:

      The point is that she has water boiling and meat cooking without knowing any of the steps that come after so having to cut and measure would result in disaster, no matter how skilled cook. Besides, Alix eating some tomatoes should have already clued you in that there are way more ingredients on the table than the dish needs.

  12. Hadi Tawbi says:

    😍 Who else clicked because there was Rie, she is the best, she should do all the tasty videos. 😍 😍

  13. Hadi Tawbi says:

    Rie should make her own youtube channel because she is the best like so she can see.

  14. Clara Park says:

    i thought she was gonna have to taste a dish and try to make it without knowing the exact ingredients

  15. Clara Park says:

    wait doesn’t it defeat the purpose if all the needed ingredients are right in front of her

  16. Andrea says:

    “Put it all over your face”.
    “You don’t have that power”.

    *”DaNg iT”.*

  17. Jovana says:

    Rie guesses that Alix spends her weekends eating garlic and butter and drinking white wine, but takes a second to guess that Alix is an angel… lol

  18. Officially Marked by Mark says:

    Next time the instructor shouldn’t be allowed to give the correct answers to the cook’s guesses or be allowed to give hints. This would up the stakes a bit. This time Rie could guess the keywords until she got the right one. That said, I always enjoy Alix and Rie, such a great combo!

  19. Alix Traeger says:

    Hi guys! Alix here 🙂 Rie and I had such a fun time playing this game! What should we cook next?? Subscribe here on my personal YouTube channel for more fun! 💕

  20. victoria says:

    it should be called “I Speak You Cook”

    like so Tasty can see!

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