Can We Win This PGA Tour Pro-Am? | Farmers Insurance Open

Can We Win This PGA Tour Pro-Am? | Farmers Insurance Open

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Im excited for new content and new ideas, I plan to play in a lot more tournaments including multiple day events.

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32 Responses

  1. Jacques Slade says:

    Peter and Scott were awesome, but Peter takes the cake.

  2. Grant Horvat Golf says:

    Peter is a wild man

    • BornOfStardust says:

      @Inb4 2 Grant is a better golfer, makes better content, and saw a better opportunity. Why are you salty about two dudes who have absolutely no idea who you are🤣 shit is weird

    • Dan Myers says:

      @Thaddeus Rinehart – A cool dad? More like a cool mom in those pedal pushers.

    • Inb4 2 says:

      @BornOfStardust oh yeah he is, THANKS FOR THE CAREER GARRETT!
      Pleasure to stab you in the back for a couple more dollars !

    • J Z says:

      @Tradesmithbecause the nazis I mean pga tour literally own the rights to him.

    • BornOfStardust says:

      @græssefar Well he’s making way more money “dressed like a girl” making videos than you are sitting here watching them so🤷🏼‍♂️

  3. Zach M says:

    We need more Peter on the channels! He’s hilarious and so positive.

  4. Derek LaVigne says:

    Peter after Grant lips out again. “Why would it do that?! You are not a bad person are you?” 😂😂😂

  5. Tyler William says:

    Lol had me cracking up when Tig talked about the rough. “I stand in it and I lose half my legs.” 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Ethan Conte says:

    “People cheat in these things” – I already love Peter

  7. Brandon Johnston says:

    I played a few rounds with Peter at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA probably 10 years ago now. He was friends with a buddy of mine and I was lucky enough to be able to tag along and play with them a few times. He spent a summer out there practicing and preparing for Q school. He worked his butt off for it..We would get ready to leave after playing and he would go straIght to the driving range for who knows how long. The guy has the work ethic it takes, good to see him still succeeding.

  8. crankin says:

    Peter is so chill. Would love to play a round with him. Self-proclaimed 400 in the world but T20 at Farmers and made a cool 6.6 Million in his career. You can tell he is loving life.

  9. Jay Take Profits says:

    Micha spirits get low when he don’t hit his driver well and he has a hard time bouncing back.

  10. Clint Sanderson says:

    24:44 “I’m blessed all over the place” & Hayden’s mind when straight into the gutter! Loved it.

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