Can You Actually Eat A Bus?

Can You Actually Eat A Bus?

What are the weirdest objects you can eat?
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Written by Annik Carson, Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown

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Blinder, Barton, J.; Salama, C. (May 2008). “An update on Pica: prevalence, contributing causes, and treatment”. Psychiatric Times 25 (6).…

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20 Responses

  1. Raymond Unica says:

    MALTOSE, my knees, my shoulders, my head.

  2. Tomedy says:

    Who else was eating whilst watching this video, but got disgusted and

  3. Cyle Denese Miralles says:

    What happens When you inhale laughing gas (Nitrus [i dunno the spelling]

  4. Kshitiz Sharma says:

    next video – ‘can you eat elephant’s shit?’

  5. Knightclash _047 says:

    Why do we scratch

  6. Emma Nicole says:

    I was so happy when I heard Mitch was on Big Brother Canada????❤️

  7. Jay says:

    Challenge accepted

  8. Chris Garcia says:

    Running out of ideas?

  9. Erza Scarlet says:

    I’m lactose intolerant

  10. Laxoh says:

    The science of sleeping

  11. Ryan Ho says:

    Why was this recommend for me?

  12. anon ymous says:

    This is probably their most useless and unprompted video ever. I mean, what
    does this have to do with anything? Still liked it though.

  13. Ahmad Belhoul says:

    I was chewing on a bottle cup my teeth are so strong I can fold them

  14. Kai Widman says:

    What is this???? I unsubbed. I feel like this is a channel that only cares
    about views and instead of doing real research on actual scientific topics,
    they just compile some facts and sometimes otherwise we’ll known knowledge
    to answer an irrelevant question. I feel like this channel isn’t making us
    smarter, but is more or less in the same category as buzzfeed or something

  15. Mermaid Man says:

    and this is “science”.

    I no longer want to live on this planet anymore

  16. Amberley Canegitta says:

    My sister is lactose intolerant, but she can eat yogurt, some brands of ice
    cream, some cheese, and also doesn’t get sick from eating it. When she
    drinks milk, some brands of ice cream, and yellow cheeses, she gets rashes
    instead. Is she actually lactose intolerant or is it something else?

  17. Igor Lachet says:

    What if?

    What if we run away…

  18. sonictheunicorn says:


  19. Dan San says:

    How stupid is this? Just to get views lol

  20. Madi87027 says:

    I hate it when I get so hungry so I eat a bus