Can You ACTUALLY Win Money on Gameshows?

Can You ACTUALLY Win Money on Gameshows?

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23 Responses

  1. Jaiden Animations says:

    Head over to to see the Jaiden Anime bundle or anything else we’ve got for sale! 🙂 ty for watching the video!!

  2. Smug Bow Kid says:

    Can’t wait for Jaiden to appear in real life Family Feud and freak out at the even dumber survey answers.

  3. JaydoesstuffYT says:

    Ya know, this video makes me realize Jaiden is surprisingly good at suspense

  4. Dracnoral1987 says:

    Goes from not making any money on virtual game shows to making an animation that makes her who knows how much. This feels like one of those “friends we made along the way” kind of stories lol

  5. Aninother says:

    My mom was actually on both the Price is Right AND Wheel of Fortune. She won a car in PiR but sold it, and won only $1000 from WoF. She has a little “mini museum” of some stuff from her games, like Vannah White’s signature and Bob Barker’s as well. She said she wouldn’t trade those experiences for the world.

  6. Matthew Best says:

    Other team: Takes all points for Hamilton

    Walter: Starts laughing hysterically while Jaden and Saul stare with a concerned look on their faces

  7. alyssa smith says:

    just imagining jaiden going to these shows in a few years and completely losing it over the answers lmao

  8. Dashies-headphones says:

    I love the fact that these videos come out every two months. Consistency.

  9. Penguindude says:

    I loved how Ari and Tofu were part of Jaiden’s Family Feud team.

  10. BoomGoesMaximus says:

    On the actual Family Feud show, they are VERY generous with whether or not what you said counts as an answer (in the infamous “naked grandma” incident, they gave the guesser the answer of “occupant”), so “vision” would absolutely have been accepted as “eyesight”. Wouldn’t have saved you from the ending part with “bus”, but still. Same thing with saying “distilling” instead of “distillation”.

    • Nathan Bishop says:

      They would have 100% won on are you smarter then fith grader they don’t need you to spell the answer and the term is basically the same

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