Can You Beat Elden Ring While Over the MAX Equip Load?

Can You Beat Elden Ring While Over the MAX Equip Load?

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Can you beat Elden Ring while over the max equip load? Wearing too much gear puts you in the “overloaded” state which prevents running, dodging, and jumping. Uh oh.

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36 Responses

  1. Shesez says:

    Dude ive been absolutely loving all your challenge content

  2. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    The early game looked like hell, but it’s crazy how more and more effective it actually became later on, you absolutely rekt Malenia at the end

    • Iain Doherty says:

      @Zel I think Sleep pots do the same, though the others don’t

    • SunaBlast says:


    • MysteryMrR says:

      Early game is the hardest part of Elden ring

    • Carl Johan says:

      This game is honestly starting to feel a lot like the game Yggdrasil from the anime/manga Overlord.
      Because that game had a LOT of obscure, hidden stuff in it that players had to find on their own, and things like “you can stop waterfowl dance from happening with a freezing pot” is just like the sort of things Yggdrasil had in that story.

    • KG Niku says:

      Let’s not forget the walking everywhere – that still must have been a hell of some sort.

  3. Way_2_Saucy says:

    “His attack only took half of my health”, spoken like a true dark souls player

    • York says:

      Lines like that always give me flashbacks to fighting EX deviants in Monster Hunter GU, with people stuffing their pockets with any type of full heal (or materials for them) that they could get simply because when you get hit you’re either dead or hanging on by a thread anyways.

    • MinniMaster says:

      “Yeah this attack’s hard to dodge but it doesn’t do too much damage, I still have 5% of my health left.”

  4. Nukesnipe says:

    I wish there was exactly one mimic in the game, somewhere really late like Leyndell or the Haligtree. You’ve gone dozens of hours without mimic chests and the only traps being transporters you can roll away from. You go to open a chest and BAM you got vored.

    • Shadow Man says:

      Imagine the opposite, there’s exactly one mimic in the early game/tutorial and then never again.

    • sir doggymcdoodle says:

      One mimic right after malenia and if it kills you refight 🤣🤣

    • DanMarston117 says:

      @Roberto fitch Exactly what happened to me haha, I rolled it and was like “but what am I missing out on?”

    • Nobrev says:

      or make it super early. like one of the first chests you ever encounter so you can never truly be at ease because you know there was at least one

    • Roberto fitch says:

      @O’Long Johnson first soulsgame and I rolled on my first trap chest the one that takes you to caelid mine i kind of rolled as I open and I wasn’t sent away I was just like ooo why is there smoke and why did it close so I re open it and I got dragged

  5. Elijah Lyall says:

    I had *no idea* there were ever any human enemies in Radahn’s castle. I’d already been to Altus before I dared to get near that bridge.

    It was honestly terrifying to walk across the impassable greatbridge when the only things in my way were destroyed fortifications.

    “What the hell happened here?”

    • Some Idiot says:

      Yeah, on my first character I walked across the bridge covered in ‘beware explosion’ messages, got to the empty castle and restarted Elden Ring because I thought the spawning glitched.

  6. Okoii says:

    The evil version of this: “So i went and got Bloodhound step, negated carry weight and beat the game in 30 minutes”

    • Lilevol20 says:

      @hutty for this one reason I feel like repeated usagages like back to back should raise the fp cost

    • DoomchildXXL says:

      @Blake Something Also the least fun choice.

    • Yoba says:

      @Blake Something pretty hard to call something a challenge when its easier than playing without any self-imposed rules. bhs is just too broken

    • Mikoro says:

      CAN you bloodhound step while overloaded? Since you can’t roll or backstep? Yes cause it’s a ash of war? I haven’t tried, I don’t have bloodhound step yet:P

    • Moss says:

      @Shining Darkness imo bhs needs a nerf though either an FP increase, stamina cost increase, less iframes or a small delay before you can bhs again after exiting bhs. it would discourage spamming if you increase the cost of stamina or FP while still rewarding people who try to only bhs when needed. the other options would allow you to potentially catch them for not being careful allowing for more counterplay against bhs.

  7. TotallyIdle_ says:

    imagine dying and have to “walk” all the way to the boss room everytime. this guy’s patience is out of this world

  8. Willard Squire says:

    “This encounter is a whole ass boss fight” yeah as someone who is playing ER as their first true fromsoftware game, I really did think that giant was a boss and was so disappointed when I got to the grace point and he just respawned backed in.

    • Khola says:

      Same here although I wasn’t disappointed at all. Quite the opposite. I thought “if that is just a normal enemy then what the hell else could they have in store for me,”

    • Fariq Ananda Diratama says:

      haha i know what u feel, event as an experience soulslike player, that first giant after the gate is pretty hard for me, because it’s been a long time for me not playing dark souls lol

    • RuCoon says:

      God yes lol. I spent like 1 hour trying to beat him, because it didn’t even occured to me to rest at nearby grace, because why would i need it? I just keep dying and respawning here!

  9. bagel_goose says:

    18:07 you don’t actually have to sneak past those golems, they’re passive until you attack them if you got to the plateau with the lift

  10. 01 says:

    “Ever small victory felt that much bigger”
    The true spirit of Elden ring and souls games

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