Can You Beat Pokémon Brilliant Diamond with ONLY Piplup?

Can You Beat Pokémon Brilliant Diamond with ONLY Piplup?

When Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl were announced… I knew what I had to do.
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Thank to my good friend, @Jaiden Animations, who watched this penguin suffer

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30 Responses

  1. TCNick3 says:

    piplup being hype as fuck is just what i needed to see today

  2. Truegreen7 says:

    Now do it while feeding it herbs throughout your playthrough.

  3. Rixec2 says:

    “It was available in the Department Store the whole time!”

    That’s what happens when athletes prioritize performance enhancing drugs over developing their natural skills through study and training.

  4. Carter says:

    1:56 “It hasn’t felt too different than a normal run.” Right in front of the free Jirachi + Mew

  5. OR3O says:

    Yes! Piplup was my first ever Pokémon and my favorite!

  6. Felix Nieves says:

    “all I can really do is pick a god and pray while injecting copious amounts of healing items straight into piplup’s veins” … perfect

  7. Kicka says:

    As soon as I heard you where using X-items to boost stats I was waiting for this run to come crashing down from Cynthia’s spiritomb knowing embargo. Honestly dodged a bullet with them removing it

  8. Daddy Sempai Chan says:

    I remember when my sister basically did this on Platinum years ago. Her Piplup was over Lv. 50 and she never beat the game, as she was stuck on the second gym.
    Note that this was her first actual Pokemon game, and the reason she didn’t catch any other Pokemon was because, in roughly her own words, “They weren’t cute enough for her to catch.” Also sever case of Starter Carry Syndrome.

  9. Captain Tsuki says:

    I love how jacob doesn’t even try to hide him reading from a script, it kinda makes me wonder how he got paid

  10. WildFox says:

    The “affection” mechanic and its side effects have been around since XY, but since nobody cared about PokeMonAmie and it’s equivalents, it seems new since BDSP tied it in with the normal friendship mechanics, which is has been around since very early in the series. Friendship usually only affects Return’s damage and the evolution of certain Pokemon, and is raised by just having the pokemon in your party or, when the option is available, walking with them. Affection was usually only raised by PokeMonAmie.

    • Yunru says:

      Maybe, if people actually played the Let’s Go entries.

    • Heino Kunzelmann says:

      Wdym noone cared. It was the greatest geature ever. The affection stuff ruined it because it made everyone op for no reason. The real reason why it isn’t in BDSP is because it wasn’t in the original and if game freak *can* cut corners they *will* cut corners. Pokemon games suck now lol

    • Car’s Son says:

      It carried on my US nuzlocke

    • rartin says:

      It was also tied in together in SwSh, but you won’t get affection benefits in battle since it’s capped unless you do camps or whatever it’s called in that game. No such cap exists in BDSP.

    • ngmonster 101 says:

      @Heino Kunzelmann They definitely don’t suck more than they used to. The reason you think they suck is because game freak made the game more fair for casual players, who would be more likely to use features like camping and stuff, which seems kinda backwards, no? Why would making the game accessible to more people affect the people who already played pokemon? If you don’t like the newer games, I don’t think you would like the older games either, which lacked a lot of quality of life features and were overall more grindy.

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