Can You Buy An NBA Championship?

Can You Buy An NBA Championship?

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41 Responses

  1. Linsanityisreal says:

    I just want to say your editing is very good and because of how great the video ideas are it often goes overlooked, but I can see how much time you put into it.

    • Jetanium says:

      I hate how when he shows a chart I already know it’s incomplete. Gotta wait a few minutes for him to add the jump scare in.

    • OsoArrogant says:

      That thumbnail tho😂😅

    • Brandon S says:

      @John Johnson have you went back and researched every other NBA championship team to see if theirs deserve asterisks? Every year teams have injuries or some other big events that shape how a season ends up. To say any Warriors championship team deserves an asterisk is ignorant.

    • Oragon 2020 says:

      @John Johnson you mean Lebron who assembled a superstar team and earn his chips. That is a real buying a chips and it is a fact.

      It same also that 2 chips won by james in miami has * because he assembled the top5 player that time and same with the bubble chips. You can also include that 2016 because they been dominated by warriors until the league step in.

  2. themachphantom says:

    I cannot tell you, how hard I, as a Knicks fan, started manically laughing when I saw this title.

  3. Sean Ngere says:

    “You know you’re good when you get paid, but you know you’re great… when you get other people paid.” This quote, and all of your previous videos, is why you’re a master at your outros, Jxmy. Leaving the audience not with a definite answer to the question but something to think of as they exit is something you’ve mastered.
    It also helps to have some dope music to sign off with.
    Another great video!

  4. Kevin Neal says:

    What’s actually more impressive to me than all the quality research, editing and graphs is the fact that he is still able to come up with great topics for videos for all these years. He could lose his edge like a show going into its 10th season and no one would fault him at all, yet it just doesn’t happen

    • Francisco says:

      I think that’s what happens when you don’t default to creating videos everyday like other creators. Gives him time to actually think stuff through. It’s honestly refreshing.

  5. The Norwegian Maestro says:

    Never watched a NBA game live. Not in person, not on TV.
    Might have something to do with me being Norwegian, but still.
    And yet, I’ve been watching Jimmy’s videos intently the last 3-4 years.

    Seeing you grow into an absolute behemoth of an NBA content creator has been pure joy.
    I hope you one day get picked up by a major network and get to show the world what you got on an even bigger scale.
    It would be a sad day for us, but a win for the world.

    I’m proud of you.
    We’re proud of you.

    Long may it last.

  6. MOC says:

    Duncan and Hakeem winning championships with payrolls not even ranked top 15 is really impressive 🤯

    • Hissoka says:

      @Kyvern I’m not trying to discount Lebron’s championship. It’s just a comparison about how the other guy was only saying that Curry’s championships were easy street, one of them because of the injured Cavs. My point is, it’s not just Curry’s/The Warrior’s championships that were like that, but that you can make an excuse for almost every single championship won.
      No hate on Lebron, or Giannis, or Kawhi, or anyone else for that matter. Just showing it goes both ways, so people should stop trying to diminish the championships won by players they don’t like.

    • Yann Courtel says:

      Duncan was vastly underpaid! Which is super unfair for the league… even today. They should have another contract done, for only one player in the roster => franchise player contract for 10 years where only the max contract value goes in the cap (and luxury tax) and you can pay him any bonus you want… that would be a middle ground between Jordan’s contract and Duncan’s real value.

    • SC says:

      @John Johnson GSW drafted Curry-Klay and Green and they won 2 without KD.

    • Andrés Robles says:

      *Dirk with a 5 million dollar contract and carrying a whole team while at the backend of his prime*

    • Anastasis Mois says:

      @Kyvern All you say is unrelevant to what he speaks to. What he saying is that any championship is decided by some consequences like injuries and this applies to any ring

  7. Football Iconic says:

    These videos are the golden standard. Insane work!

  8. RockStampPAS says:

    “You know you are good when you get paid. You know you are GREAT when you get other people paid.” Thats a great line dude. Well done.

  9. TeddyOG says:

    Fascinating and really well explained video, especially the charts. Honestly it’s bullet proof imo. I want to mention for some folks that the Warriors main owner Lacob, is like bottom 5 in wealth for NBA owners. So as explained you can’t buy a championship, but you can pay the people that made your team worth billions after you bought it for a few hundred million, and pay them well. Steph is worth it as well as my other boys

    • ArtMagik says:

      It’s not really bullet proof.

      On the chart with the value of the players, he put the line at a point where it could suit his narrative and not at the intersection of the lowest salary and lowest WS.

      And he forgot that the salary of a player is not only correlated to his performance on court but also on how much money he brings to the franchise. Steph’s salary for exemple reflects his performances and how much he helps selling jerseys, tickets to games, etc.

  10. AznBurk says:

    Most overlooked thing by owners and GM’s is team chemistry/culture. Everyone looks at how a person’s stats will counter others, how their defense/3 point shooting will help space the floor or make things hard for the opponent. The great dynasties have culture and a team that’s played together for years. Bulls, Spurs, Lakers, GSW. Hell, even take it outside of basketball and look at those years of barcelona with messi, iniesta and xavi. culture wins championships, not pocketbook.

    • Matheus Marinho says:

      Keeping it on the football talk, look at how PSG has been doing in the quest for a Champions League and have an answer as to whether or not money gets you what you want in sports

    • Spoodermans 17 says:

      You right the heat have had a great culture these past few years just not enough given to the team to really get them over that hump of winning the cavs are building a beautiful dynasty and culture as we speak post lebron the grizzlies seem like they have a culture but idk I feel like people can just leave they don’t feel as tightly constructed as the warriors the dynasty spurs or even the current cavs I feel like that will be there downfall

    • Čađava Mehana ツ ♑ says:

      As a big Barca fan, im glad that you mentioned them

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