Can You Farm 1,000,000 Cookies in 100 Minecraft Days?

Can You Farm 1,000,000 Cookies in 100 Minecraft Days?

I Survived 100 Days Farming 1,000,000 Cookies in Minecraft Hardcore
Download Honkai Star Rail using my link: and make sure to use this code: HSRVER10XEDLFE to get 50 Stellar Jades!





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》Video is Sponsored by Honkai: Star Rail
》Video Inspired by @rekrap2
》All music by Kevin Macleod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.
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This MINECRAFT 100 DAYS is inspired by LukeTheNotable, Wadzee, MumboJumbo, Grian, and sandiction! Instead of being the Hermitcraft SMP, this video is similar to a MINECRAFT CHALLENGE video because it is 100 DAYS HARDCORE MINECRAFT BUT CRAFTING 1,000,000 COOKIES!

Can You Farm 1,000,000 Cookies in 100 Minecraft Days?

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53 Responses

  1. aCookieGod says:

    Download Honkai Star Rail using my link: and make sure to use this code: HSRVER10XEDLFE to get 50 Stellar Jades!

  2. GoldenRozz says:

    Can we all agree the animation look super sick!!! Everything is amazing!

  3. Aspect says:

    That was probably the most fun to watch, it’s fascinating to watch you build all these things. It’s a shame only 4.16 million people appreciate it.

  4. Lumimin says:

    We’re not starving bc you always feed us good content <3

  5. Nathan RAZAF says:

    Don’t worry bro, one day in Minecraft lasts 20 minutes IRL so if you wanted to craft 8 million cookies in 100 days, you would’ve needed to consistently craft 4000 cookies per minute, or roughly 67 cookies per second. Not to account the fact that you also had to sleep through some nights, so 150000 is already a big accomplishment ! And you already feed us with your content, we’ll never starve, we all love you!

  6. HyperscaleRafsan says:

    Man I can’t believe this man has this much patience. And also thank you for the cookie.

  7. aCookieGod says:

    try crafting as many cookies as possible in 100 days and comment down below how many you farmed! no cheating 🙂

    • Tyler Belden says:

      @Sloth Queen lol DO IT 🙏for the cookie army🙃

    • Fanta4lyfe says:

      i tried and a creeper blew up my storage and then this video made me feel better, it was actually a big coincidence since you uploaded this video like right after

    • Nat Delisle Walesiak says:

      I did it and I got 10657
      I’m not an experienced Minecraft player as you lol 😊

    • CowsCuties! says:

      I will have 20 irl but I’m Minecraft I will keep dieing because I’m kinda noob to play i never play it before but I know about 😅

    • Jacob Kiadii says:

      @LavaCreeperPeople I feel sorry for I honestly

  8. Abie says:

    We definitely need a 200 days. Would love to see what farms you build to get so many cookies! Keep up the great work. Been watching you before your skyblock one block series. Doubt you’ll see this but you always make my day better when you upload and you give me a laugh mate. Have a good week

  9. A cat with a keyboard says:

    A 40 minute video of you just making Minecraft cookies?
    This is exactly what my lonely Wednesday lunch needed, thank you god. I needed a smile today

  10. Error_ says:

    I love your edits and your passion on making videos. Keep up the good work!

    • Jeff says:

      Who asked

    • Skorpionplayz says:

      ​@Not DarkLight ッ true (even though no-one asked)😅

    • Not DarkLight ッ says:

      I am sorry, but who asked? Who asked for YOUR opinion? I bet I can find my dad before I can find who asked. I found the literal center of the universe before I found who asked. I figured out how to bend gravity and still couldn’t find who asked. I found the last digit of pi before I found out who asked. I have tried every food and quisine before I found who asked. I have found a planet with the same constant of gravity (9.81), same people, and basically a mirror to ours before I found who asked. I have contacted GOD HIMSELF and he told me he has looked through the records of everything that has and will happen and in none of those records he found who asked.

      I have found Obama’s last name, the krabby patty secret formula, waffle house’s new host, but I simply could not find who asked, for I have come to thought and realization that… nobody did. It may be bittersweet, but when push comes to shove, at least I can verify that… nobody asked.

    • Discovera says:


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