Can You Find Him in This Video? • Hidden in Plain Sight #14

Can You Find Him in This Video? • Hidden in Plain Sight #14

Kan Danny hide from his boss alll day? Lets find out!
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53 Responses

  1. Brendan Seay says:

    Danny: You can go outside
    Outside: warm and windy

  2. The Chicken says:

    Jamie: I’m going to find Danny

    Magic 8 ball: I’m about to end this whole mans career!

  3. Taro Chan says:

    I just like the end

    Jamie at the end: I FOUND HIM

  4. Emma Chan says:

    Danny just said that he hasn’t changed any rules and Jamie still expects him to say the rules

  5. Angel Vizcarra says:

    Do a switch up we’re Danny try’s to find Jamie

  6. Kaizer Sohel Ahmed says:

    Me:”I have no reason to comment because nobody notices me.”
    Random comments on songs that were like 5 years ago:sup bruh

  7. Oliver Waugh says:

    Jamie: ‘if I could i would fire my wife I would ’

    Answer: ‘divorce’

  8. Avery the Cuban-American says:

    This is the best Vat19 series, second best is the White Elephant Show. My heart exhilarates when he’s on the hunt for him and he’s close. Also, that cotton candy sounds good

    • ai chan says:

      I didn’t watch when I received the notif, but it’s still (maybe a bit higher/lower before) #3 trending here – it feels more popular than I thought (even tho I knew it was popular)

  9. Eugene Kim says:

    Jamie: Getting a call from the wife
    Danny: Hello Jamie. How you doin’?’
    Jamie: Turns out its not the wife. It’s my annoying work wife, Danny
    Me: Work wife?

  10. Mira Kunzin says:

    They should do
    It the opposite where Jamie hides and Danny looks for him

  11. Geocis says:

    I’m still waiting for the day Jamie hits Danny with the poking stick.

  12. Dis guy says:

    Jamie: will i find Danny?
    Magic 8 ball: _no_
    Jamie: you fu-

  13. Sterling Goulet says:

    USA is going under quarantine

    Vat19: stays open

  14. Oznola Garza says:

    Danny: “My boss and I like to play this game…”

    Me: Oh, so he likes this game too?

  15. powerplay -ON says:

    Danny: ” my boss and I like to play this game ”

    Jamie: obvious hates the game

  16. _hamsters_ says:

    Tiktok: “dOnT bE sHy pUt sOmE mOre!”
    Jamie: “don’t be a baby play like a man.”

  17. Samdaboss Gaming says:

    “Why does everyone have blankets in the back of their cars”

    Bruh there is so many reasons to have blankest in your car

  18. Emma Silk says:

    Jamie: all the clues are super small.
    Danny*writes Danny’s here giants on cardboard*😂

  19. Error 404 says:

    Jamie: Turns out it’s not the wife. It’s my *_annoying work wife, Danny._*

  20. Charlie Langa says:

    Jamie: *Finds Danny*
    Danny: “you forgot the ladder?!?!”
    Me: “what about the ladder?”

    • Small Potatoe says:

      He was talking about how the crew didn’t get rid of the ladder thats why he Yelled “You forgot the ladder!?”

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