Can You Find Him in This Video? • Hidden in Plain Sight #15

Can You Find Him in This Video? • Hidden in Plain Sight #15

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67 Responses

  1. Brynne Staley says:

    Jamie- “Boom! He’s in the bush!!”
    Jamie- Runs right over Dannie.
    Danny- *Laughing*

  2. Cosmicツ says:

    I want danny to desguise himself as the cameraman

    • Alyssia Squires says:

      Yeah but Jamie would see that cuz it’s not just random people who film unless Danny dressed up as Jon or Ben.

    • InitialPC says:

      @Alyssia Squires have jon show up to work beforehand pretending to be unable to speak, then on the day of shooting have danny disguised as jon using makeup, jamie wont question ‘jon’ not talking

    • Cosmicツ says:

      InitialPC exactly

  3. Bailey Delgado says:

    Danny is like a 4 year old and Jamie’s his dad

  4. Daborabo Gar says:

    For an employee who literally tries to avoid working he’s making the company more money than everyone else combined

  5. Just Yeetin says:

    Oml this would be so funny if this happened to me:

    My boss: *sneaks up and yells* YOU’RE IT!

  6. Jarod Weatherly says:

    “I actually know where a clue is” *shows old clue that Jamie never saw*

  7. Brooke Owen- Lutwyche says:

    God: Danny how did u die?
    Danny: jamie hit me with a poking stick

    image danny hit jamie with one
    hell probably get fired

  8. Daniel Ruiz says:

    Jaime: “He’s like a six year old who doesnt know how many letters it will be”
    Me at my 20’s

  9. Zach Hak says:

    I like how Jamie doesn’t even try to find Danny he just tries to hurt him

  10. The Chicken says:

    John: we’ll cut it

    John: *doesn’t cut it😎

  11. Hamn Bacon says:

    “Should I go up to those random people and ask if there Danny,” – Danny 2020

  12. Itz_ Donut says:

    I’m waiting for that one day he actually hits Danny with his poking stick lol

  13. JMD_ 9 says:

    * It’s like -15°C outside *
    Danny: “it’s dangerously cold out there”
    Me: *laughs in Canada*

  14. Cherokee says:

    Danny in 2020: Hides in a sewer
    Danny in 2040: Hides on Mars

  15. Chloe Kim says:

    Jamie: Boom! He’s in the couch! *Danny is not there*
    Jamie: Will you cut that out?
    John: Sure *Doesn’t cut it out*

  16. DarkViking713 says:

    It isn’t a hidden in plain sight episode without Jamie getting annoyed about how cold it is outside

  17. Owen Johnson says:

    One day when he has a hammer as a poking stick he’s going to kill Danny

  18. im abbi says:

    Literally anything:

    Jamie: *that’s weird* *SOMETHING IS GOING ON*

  19. Alex smith says:

    Danny: “Boom he’s there”

    Jamie: *doesnt cut them out*

  20. nautsin says:

    It’s always “Where’s Danny?” and not “How’s Danny?” 🙁

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