Can You Find Him in This Video? • Hidden in Plain Sight #16

Can You Find Him in This Video? • Hidden in Plain Sight #16

Can Danny hide from his boss in this mysterious location? Jamie is in the dark on this one…
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78 Responses

  1. CoopJMZ 318 says:

    I just watched a horror movie and go home to see this
    And warning: do not watch Danur 3 it’s suck

  2. Benji Riley says:

    I feel like this should have been a Halloween episode

  3. Neonchipz Neonpotatoes says:

    Not a single soul:
    Jamie: *diD yOu sEE tHaT sCReAM*
    Me: Jamie you can’t *see* sounds

  4. kmmeyers says:

    Me: *sees warning*
    How bad can it be, it’s just a vat19 video?

    Me 2 minutes later: welp

  5. Chai Hill says:

    Jamie is literally the director of a horror movie. “Follow the voices!”
    “Go to the scary!”

  6. Jim Grussendorf says:

    Who else is reading the comments so they dont get scared

  7. samysnes says:

    Name of the series: Hidden in Plain Sight

    Danny: Let me hide as out of sight as humanly possible!

  8. -Space Kid- says:

    Jamie; “GRAB HER!”
    the girl; *stupid I ain’t gon let you get the chance*

  9. Kyrie R says:

    Danny- so theres this thing called scaring Jaimie to death.

  10. Rosemary Kathryn Perez Hartzel says:

    This seems like a Halloween episode… except it’s May.

  11. Che Sinson says:

    Jon sees the ghost

    Jamie: GO TOWARDS IT
    Me: is their common sense in quarantine?

  12. Evan Rosseter says:

    Dogs: woof
    Cats: meow
    People in the comments”iM gIFtInG tO eVeRyOnE tHaT lIkEs ThIs”
    (Edit) Haha lol

  13. Victoria Robertson says:

    He feels like his gonna die Jamie- Go Go TO the NOISE JOHN

  14. PizzaPeridotX says:

    When I saw they shirtless guy I looked at him and was like

  15. Really Rare says:

    *Hears someone killing people*

    John: “Jamie I think I should leave”

    Jamie:”Noo go towards it”

  16. Chloe Huynh says:

    Anyone else or is it only me that feels bad for the John who is actually going around for Jamie. He’s in the actually place like in the dark

  17. What are doing with my name BRUH says:

    Jamie looks like he’s a guy convincing kids to get into the vat19 van

  18. Devon Accardi says:


    Not a single soul:

    Jamie: grab her

    Common sense: GET OUT OF THERE!!!!!!

  19. Waxby says:

    I want to look at comments to feel less scared, but I’m worried of someone spoiling it.

  20. Jenna-Kate Sapp says:

    Jon: *scared*
    Jamie: Go To ThE NoiSE
    Jon: *yells*
    Jamie: *laughing*

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