Can You Find Him in This Video? (most can’t) | Hidden in Plain Sight #4

Can You Find Him in This Video? (most can’t) | Hidden in Plain Sight #4

Danny got pretty bold with this hiding spot. Do you think he’ll make it until the end of the day?
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In this episode of Hidden in Plain Sight, Danny was allowed to hide outside the Vat19 building too. Will this rule change allow Danny to remain undiscovered from Jamie all day? Or will one of the hottest days of the year affect Danny’s hiding spot?

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Vat19 is dedicated to “curiously awesome” gifts, candy, toys, gummy, putty, puzzles, games, and more! In addition to making funny commercials you’ll actually want to watch, we produce amazing challenge videos, document our outrageous contraptions, and invite you to a front row seat for our silly stunts. Sometimes we blow things up, fill up a bathtub or pool with crazy stuff, dare each other to eat super spicy foods, and answer “burning questions” from our viewers.

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51 Responses

  1. Vat19 says:

    Could you have hidden in Danny’s spot for hours on one of the hottest days of the year?
    Here’s the link for Danny’s website where he talks with fans!

  2. 0121_ steve says:

    Jamie: I’m gonna find him in half an hour

    When has he ever found him?!

  3. Ethan Wayhoo says:

    Friend: Hey! So what are you doing at work today?

    *hiding from my boss.*

    Friend: …

  4. JK DoesThings says:

    Danny said “he’s everywhere.” Does that mean he’s just a red herring in a human costume?

  5. Ella Magella says:

    This is how many people want a part 5
    ⬇️. Oh no one ok then edit: ok so yesterday only 1 person liked my comment and that was me thanks guys

  6. bob the builder says:

    just seeing someone beat things with a rubber chicken

  7. Alexander Sawyer says:

    Make a giant episode where everyone hides from jamie.

    • Heather B says:

      Alexander Sawyer I doubt any of them would get any work done but it would certainly be a fun episode if all the “main characters” were hiding at once.

    • Leila Wheeler says:


    • Ege Karataş says:

      But someone would really have to do the work of the all persons ( employee?) and i got an idea, they can get their laptops or phones and do their work while hiding, but time would be longer like 5-6 hours longer, because sometimes Jamie csnt even find Danny in a whole work hour

  8. kaiti says:

    jamie: “it’ll probably take me 10 minutes.”
    takes him the while day.

  9. Dylan&Sheridan Koen says:

    I always love watching the hiding in plain sight I’ve seen every single one and I hope more comes out I cannot wait

  10. Yosher says:

    everybody gangsta till jamie starts hitting things with a rubber chicken

  11. Wicket hansen says:


    Or if you want them both to win do both. 🙂

  12. Mj Fortnite says:

    I’m so proud of myself I saw the poster and I knew where Danny was?

  13. GrantPlayz says:

    I love how it’s a different poking tool every time

  14. Watermelon :D says:

    Anyone else wondering why the email says 1 day ago?

  15. Tea Caeku says:

    *Ah, yes. Welcome back to another episode of Jamie freaking out.*

  16. My Opinion Doesn't Matter But says:

    Employees just minding their own business
    Jamie: lets *INTEROGATE* the employees, continues to blast a rubber chicken in their faces

  17. H I says:

    When he said *”I see you Danny, I see you”* I thought he actually saw him. ? ?

  18. Isabelle Channel says:

    3019: *Legends said that in 2019 Jamie still has his rubber chicken and hi tennis racket to find Danny*

  19. Toons Jr. says:

    You know your boss has gone crazy when he looks into the windows of cars and smacks them with a rubber duck

  20. Toopie - Yayaaa says:


    Absoloubtely no one:


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