Can YOU Fix Climate Change?

Can YOU Fix Climate Change?

This video was supported by Gates Notes, the personal blog of Bill Gates, where he writes about global health, climate change, and more. Check out it out to learn more about ways the world can work together to reach zero greenhouse gas emissions:

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Never before in human history have we been richer, more advanced or powerful. And yet we feel overwhelmed in the face of rapid climate change. It seems simple on the surface. Greenhouse gases trap energy from the Sun and transfer it to our atmosphere. This leads to warmer winters, harsher summers. Dry places become drier and wet places wetter. Countless ecosystems will die while the rising oceans swallow coasts and the cities we build on them.

So why don’t we just like… prevent all of that? Well, it’s complicated.

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46 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    This video was supported by Gates Notes:
    If you want to learn more about how we handle Sponsorships like this one, we also have a medium article describing how we do it:

    • Dylan Darnell says:

      In the context of agriculture, I would like to see your take on regenerative farming techniques. From what I’ve heard, it would be a great way to reduce emissions without crippling the livelihood of farmers.

    • Dylan Darnell says:

      @Hahtaan Daetori “humans are actually social and compassionate creatures, not naturally narcissistic and destructive like capitalists”

      …so do you think “capitalists” are aliens? Do you think “capitalism” was invented by something other than humans following their own interests? Or is this the “lizard people” thing coming back around again?

    • Ratus says:

      @Nicola Serra The less air you have, the more fuel you BURN!!!!! It’s called an air fuel mixture…The faster cars go, the more gas they use….why won’t this be different from aeroplanes?

    • Ham says:

      When I clicked on the video it was #5 on Trending, now its #3 Rising Fast. This was a fantastic video!

    • MrKvsh says:

      Wouldn’t it help if we manage our population and a more strict regulation to absolutely everything we do to fix this problem among many others? Resources used, waste produced, work value relation etc. I mean global warming and climate change are important and urgent but what about all the other problems were creating? For instance we have messed the planet so bad theres micro plastic and mercury in the fish we eat. We even have plastic in the salt we get from the sea water. Very few of the problems we havve created for ourselves. Too bad “prevention better than a cure” cant be applied here. Were way too out of control. 😞

  2. Toms Mucenieks says:

    This one’s a heavy hitter. Thank you for making this and bringing awareness!

  3. Vars says:

    These next ten years will be very interesting indeed…

  4. Best Gun says:

    I will forever imagine the voice coming from a big blue bird now.

  5. Egida says:

    As a future researcher, thank you. The work of scientists will never have any impact if the system is not willing to accomodate to progress.

    • Econ Caleb says:

      As someone that studies Industrial Economics, I’m grateful for this video. We need to seriously reorganize the world economy and incentivise innovation if we want to solve climate change.

  6. Pass Q says:

    Hey Kurzgesagt, have you heard anything about car-dependent city design or walkability?

    Basically, a lot of cities (especially in the US and Canada) are designed so that driving is the best/only way to get around them, as opposed to walking, cycling, or public transit. Naturally, forcing everyone to use a car drives up emissions, and contrarily, designing a city around walking and public transportation could reduce these emissions.

    There are some countries, such as the Netherlands, that have already implemented these changes and been successful with it, so it’s not some impossible solution (assuming you can get past the oil and automobile lobbies).

    It’s just something I’ve seen a few videos on recently, and something I would recommend looking into if you haven’t already.

    • Herscher 12 says:

      The problem is that most governments would just disallow cars in the city and call it a day. The netherlands are also in a situation where this kind of change is much easier than im other countrys

    • Louis Vaught says:

      This video actually does address this obliquely – that is not a meaningful solution to this problem because of the point we’ve reached.

      Redesigning cities is something that happens on the order of decades, or not at all. We need to act more quickly than that. It’s not that it’s an impossible solution, it’s that it’s so mismatched to the nature of the problem that you can just discard it offhandedly.

      Not that I dislike the idea of more sustainable development – it’s a good thing to have happen long-term. But it’s an approach for slowly maintaining and improving a stable situation, not course-correcting one that’s gone very far off track.

    • Jarski l says:

      Netherlands is a small country.
      But example Finland “nocars” cities are simply impossible because cities are 100-350km apart.
      People need own cars and someone wanting to visit the capital, must be able to do it by a car.

    • Louis Richter says:

      @Jarski l Why not taking the train?

    • ElYisus says:

      Yeah, I’d love to live in a city with no cars

  7. James Hannay says:

    One thing that is even worse is how companies are telling us our straws are responsible for deaths in the ocean, when 50% of all ocean waste are fishing nets

    • Anime Boitiddies says:

      @Katt1N you and i dont change anything, we are all but slaves living in a world which the wealthy assert belongs solely to them.

    • Liguo Wang says:

      @Alan Muxlow please blame the government, not the citizens.

    • Ambir91 says:

      I had the inclination to not have children, now is even more dificult to feed people, here in southamerica hunger increased a lot among poor households, polution sky rocketed this last decade, our biggest river has a record decrease in water level in years, we don’t have enough rain in 2 consecutive years… Is very discouraging to put children in this world, we are in a way condemning them to a bleak future💔 sorry for the pessimism

    • Anime Boitiddies says:

      @Manfred Gustafsson thats stupid, if the fish dies in a net it spoils faster. most fishing methods are designed around keeping the fish alive as long as possible to reduce spoilage and increase the value of the goods on landing. if you want to take issue with nets, take issue with the fact that the petrochemicals industry has outpriced degradable natural materials with plastics.

    • Herscher 12 says:

      @Jadon Campbell what? I didnt say anything about public transport. Its also not a solutions for the country side.

      E-fuels are fules like gasoline or diesel that are created with carbon from the atmospare, making them mostly carbon neutral. It would help a lot in a short amount of time

  8. Julien Azelart says:

    This was very well said, thank you guys for making this video ❤️

  9. Alex Danilov says:

    Guys, these animations are on another level this week. Absolutely baffled as to how the team produces such high quality animations in barely any time. Great job guys this is the best educational channel on YouTube by far.

    • GRAYgoose124 says:

      They’re certainly the definition of professionals.

    • sarbuk says:

      They are great, but they certainly don’t take “barely any time” to produce. They were probably just released in quick succession. You should check their meta video on how Kurzgesagt videos are made.

    • Alex Danilov says:

      @sarbuk I’m just saying the videos come out relatively quick for how high quality they are.

  10. Joey DR14 says:

    One of the best examples of this problem is by a Irish comedy group
    “Let’s set a goal, 7 years until your carbon clean.”
    “You mean I don’t have to do anything for 7 years? Wayyy!!”
    “No no” drowned out by cheering and clapping

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