Can you guess these WWE Superstars?

Can you guess these WWE Superstars?

Test your knowledge of WWE and see if you can identify John Cena, Sasha Banks and more Superstars based solely on their silhouettes.
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62 Responses

  1. antonio mathis says:

    Who else got fandango wrong besides me 😂

  2. It's Giada says:

    Miss the undertaker

  3. Greg Quiles says:

    is it bad that all i got wrong was roman reigns? i honestly didn’t even try.

  4. Pennywise Clown says:


  5. Follow HBK says:

    Can you guess whom you missed? 🤔

  6. Taylor Arnold says:

    1. Kalisto (easy) 2. Sasha Banks

  7. Taylor Arnold says:

    3.Tripe H 4. Fandango 5. Alica Fox 6. Goldberg 7. Roman Reings 8. JERRY 9. Charlotte 10. Paul Heynen cena naiomi kane big show under taker and the adrae guy got them but I DONT SEE BAYLEY

  8. Faiz Ahmad says:

    Dam 9 correct👏👏👏

  9. Music With B.S says:

    cena and regin phtots are best✌


    But you can’t see john ceeeeeeenaaaaaaaaa

  11. The Ryan Denton show says:

    I can’t see any thing at 1:40

  12. Harshvardhan S says:

    No Ambrose no AJ styles no Seth Rollins. Incomplete list

  13. entertainment viral fun says:

    WWE – Superstar 🤘

  14. Lal Hmingtani says:

    Who else got Triple H as Roman Reigns though???

  15. It's Me says:

    No one can get the 2nd last one wrong…….

    Rest in peace!

  16. Social Bakchodi says:

    Now tag teams plzz

  17. Fadil AL-ELECTRONIC says:

    I love you wwe

  18. Mkyle DS says:

    Who else likes there own comment because no body else does

  19. amazing gamer says:

    Nice video bro and very intresting

  20. actress hot edit says:

    Only one gus cena

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