Can you name two countries that start with O?

Can you name two countries that start with O?

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30 Responses

  1. вас тут немає says:

    Got Oman immediately thinking I’m smart and thought I could name the other before he says it. So I paused the video….. 5 minutes later I gave up to find out Oman is the only one 🙃

  2. Haven Lights says:

    When I read the video title I immediately thought of Oman but couldn’t come up with a second one, felt stupid, then found out Oman is the only one lmao

  3. Vish AMV says:

    When u forget ur homework : ” Oman ”
    but the teacher is absent : ” Yemen”

  4. dingus says:

    Props to this guy for the attitude tho, he clearly was interested to learn new facts unlike a lot of the other people who just quit the call after feeling dumb

  5. Um chile anyways so… says:

    I remember memorizing Yemen and Omen during geography test but I had no idea it was the only country that starts with the letter O

  6. You're Than Your Then, Where We're Were Quite Quiet says:

    I love his enthusiasm from learning this one thing. Props to him.

  7. NOLOVEME1 says:

    I was like “you forgot Ordon” (talked to myself in English, but thought in Arabic), then I remembered that in English it’s actually Jordan 😅

  8. Sampath Valluri says:

    I love his attitude towards Life. Even if he doesn’t know the answer, he learnt something new. He’s winning at life !

  9. Tove Kauppi says:

    I knew that Oman was the only country that starts with an O in my native Swedish and was trying to think if there would be a country that started with a different letter in Swedish but an O in English but I quickly gave up.

  10. Niyam Pancholi says:

    When you start to think that maybe not everyone in America is bad at geography and it strikes again

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